First Images of Jurassic Park

After surface the first Details of Jurassic Park follows now the first Pictures of the Game.


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hakis862895d ago

Site won't load for me =(
Too much traffic?

hakis862895d ago

Looks like concept art almost?

pixelsword2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

*Shakes, drools, and cocks a gun while wearing the most moronic grin since Hee-Haw*

Oh, wait; this isn't Turok II, this guy is a scisntist, and not like the Gordon Freeman type.


King-Leonidas2895d ago

lol reminds me of dino crysis

RedDragan2894d ago

Either thats the smallest T-Rex in history, or some rediculously large Triceratops!!!!!

Wait... this is Jurassic Park. The series that thinks Velociraptors are taller than a 8 year old child! Gotta lol!

inveni02894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

What was the Jurassic Park game that came out a long time ago? It wasn't called Jurassic Park, I don't think...but it was FPS-style and you played a woman (I remember because you'd look at the tattoo of a heart on your left breast to get an indication of remaining health). That game was awesome. I remember how amazing I thought it was that you could pick use anything you could pick up as a weapon. I'm pretty sure it was the first game to do that. I had a lot of fun with that game, but this one looks pretty stupid...especially if those are the graphics.


sonnyz2894d ago

Nope. "Too many traffic".

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antz11042895d ago

LOL, reminds me of RE1.

mugoldeneagle032895d ago

Even though I could never beat the T-Rex in the last level of the first Genesis game. And didn't really play Lost World at all. Hopefully this one turns out good

CrIpPeN2894d ago

I wonder what this game is going to be all about?


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kevco332895d ago

Hmm... still in two minds.

Dave13512895d ago

OMG i cant wait! hopefully they polish the graphics a little better

theonlylolking2895d ago

It also would be nice to have waves of dinos like horde mode or nazi zombies.

sobekflakmonkey2888d ago

you polish a turd and its still a turd, i do wanna see some gameplay footage though...

sam22362895d ago

Well, well, well, that looks pretty damn cool!

sam22362895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

Now that I think of it, I would kill - litarally kill - for a HD remake of the MegaDrive JP game. I swear to Christ.

It would be beyond epic!

EDIT: Seriously, imagine this... glorious HD!!

MidnytRain2894d ago

It's hilariously ironic that you swear to Jesus Christ that you would kill someone.

sonnyz2894d ago

I remember playing that game for hours. Damn was it a frustrating game. Very difficult.


its weird that jurassic park is STILL in the works. but hey, im all for killing off dinosaurs!

rezzah2895d ago

Meant to disagree with you.

I hope its more like Afika, but better.

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The story is too old to be commented.