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Top 10 DS Games Since Launch


"The Nintendo DS has found its way into the hands of millions of people. With its impressive range of hardcore to casual games, there is literally a game for just about anyone and everyone. Since its launch, there have been numerous games that stood out among the rest and are begged to be played and replayed. We’re going to help you out by picking out 10 must-have gems that should be a part of every DS collection." (Advance Wars: Dual Strike, Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies, Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, Mario Kart DS, Nintendo DS, The Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, The World Ends With You)

alee  +   1577d ago
This list will probably be useful if I get a DS.
jriquelme_paraguay  +   1577d ago
where is Spirit Tracks?
Redempteur  +   1577d ago
you have the much better phantom hourglass instead ...
jriquelme_paraguay  +   1577d ago
Really? some body give me the worng advice :(

Im PLaying Spirit Tracks
schlanz  +   1577d ago
Neither is clearly better. They are both great games, if you like one you should play the other. I liked Spirit Tracks better tbqh, better story and dungeons, more side stuff and train > boat. PH had Linebeck though who is one of the best supporting characters in a Zelda game ever, and very memorable bosses.
TheSanchezDavid  +   1577d ago
I need to get The World Ends with You ASAP!
Capt-FuzzyPants  +   1577d ago
Final Fantasy 4 was really good. It was a remake so im not sure if it counts.
Mac is OK  +   1577d ago
Pretty good list but it's missing Elite Beat Agents.
schlanz  +   1577d ago
Yeah, decent list. All those games would be in my top 20. Making a top ten list is pretty damn hard to do on the DS...
rbober316  +   1577d ago
nice top 10 games.. wonder how the 3d is going to look.. twitter: MarijuanaBlunts
damize  +   1577d ago
Pretty sweet list. Some of them I have not tried. Will have to go pick them up and give them a whirl. Thanks for this great list.
Dac2u  +   1577d ago
Some great games are listed, but it doesn't make up for there other list having Hotel Dusk as one of the most disappointing.
clearelite  +   1577d ago
List is decent. I haven't played The World Ends With you in months and the music still pops into my head here and there. Castlevania and The World Ends With You are great. New SMB I sold a while ago because I found it too easy, casual, and devoid of magic for a mario game (IMO at the time).
Not sure about the other games, but you can find some great lists on google that might give you an even better idea about what DS has to offer.
sam2236  +   1577d ago
Where's Dementium 1 and 2?
schlanz  +   1577d ago
....far from being in a top ten, I assure you, unless it's top ten DS FPS... which there are probably less than 10 of.
DNAbro  +   1577d ago
The world ends with you is my favorite ds game. just full of so much awesomeness.
wingman32x  +   1577d ago
This list is missing a certain ace attorney...
TheJackasaurus  +   1576d ago
chinatown is overated...
RogueCheddar  +   1574d ago
love love love The World Ends With You

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