Gaming Goons Episode #37 - The Hangover

What's New With The Crew
Kinect Ships 8 Million, Sells 5 Million In 60 Days
More Kinect Enabled Features Coming Soon, Including Netflix and Hulu Plus
Aaron Greenberg Confirms Microsofts 2011 Plans Focus Primarily On Kinect
The PS3 Has Been Cracked And There Is No Going Back Now
Valve Founder Says PC Gaming Is The Center Of Innovation For All Things Gaming.....Duhhhh!
CES Talk (Minimal, More Next Week)
Turbo Grafx 16 Titles Coming To The U.S. PSN Store Soon, Playable On The PS3 And PSP
Sony's Music Unlimited Streaming Music Service Coming To Sony Devices This Year

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Nick2120042896d ago

Once again, great entertaining show!

otherZinc2895d ago

I'll be loading & listening on tomorrow.

What I've been playing:
Tiger Woods 11
Chess Master

killajd2896d ago

Yes I agree great show and thanks for the news on the turbo grafx games coming to the psn!

DJnal052895d ago

another great show from nick!! keep up tha good work

Nick2120042895d ago

This show is actually hosted by Dave :)

tmanmushroom2895d ago

Great show guys! I loved it, thanks for all the news

Nick2120042895d ago

No problem man. We do this for the love of gaming and dedicated fans such as yourself.

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