PGR 4 interview - Bizarre checks in with new details on bikes, Live, and Geometry Wars

Project Gotham Racing has been synonymous with the Xbox brand since its launch in 2001, and considering the immense critical and commercial success of Project Gotham Racing 3 as an Xbox 360 launch title, a fourth iteration was essentially guaranteed. But when revealed earlier this summer, Project Gotham Racing 4 was not merely the marginal improvement some may have expected, as the title looks to shake up the familiar four-wheel dynamic with the addition of motorcycles and mixed-vehicle gameplay.

With the game's October 2nd launch date fast approaching, 1UP caught up with Ben Ward, community and web lead at Bizarre Creations, to fill in some of the gaps about PGR4's two-wheeled wonders, its online options, and the latest evolution of the much-loved Geometry Wars minigame.

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