Homebrew and Emulators Appear On PS3, What Will Sony Do?

"Yesterday Geohot released his modified firmware ‘Jailbreak’, and, a little later, tools to sign homebrew to run on his version of the PS3′s 3.55 system software so that anyone developing their own applications could get them to run with minimal effort on ‘jailbroken’ PlayStations.

Overnight, a series of homebrew classic videogame console emulators surfaced, including Super Nintendo, Arcade and Megadrive – updated versions of those that previously required a little more effort to get running on the PS3 before Geohot re-entered the scene with his modified code."

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hay2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Sony will do what's necessary to protect their business and their partners.
It's sad that bunch of jobless f*cks or just f*cks do such things to "provide more features to the system while not condoning piracy" and end up being a harm to hard working people.

They won't harm Sony. If there will be financial problems, people will get laid off, people like you or me, not them.

@Below: You're a troll, I'm not gonna feed you.

Loner2899d ago

Just like they did when the PS2 and PS1 got hacked right?


Thats because Sony couldn't update the PS2 or PS1.
I know hackers everywhere are saying theres no way back for Sony but I got a feeling something is coming.
If the Jailbreak is still going on after 6 months then I'll join in.(for non piracy use)

RBLAZE19882899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Plus the ps2 or ps1 didn't have any multimedia features, like netflix or psn or the ps store, except dvd and now past or future features might be at risk. Not to mention this will cost sony a lot of money to fix. Homebrews...what a great excuse to try to gain some spotlight in the world. What a load of shit you can put homebrews anywhere i don't get what's the big deal with trying to get them on consoles. You can hook your pc up to an hdtv it's the same thing. Just another thing that people can say they did without any real new benefit to anyone except pirates.

I_find_it_funny2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Sony doesn't care about homebrew and emulators (Nes on ps3, man I find it funny :P), you can even launch oversees missles with your ps3 if you can as long as you don't pirate games.

ComboBreaker2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Sony will allow PS3 gamers to play all prated emulators (SNES, N64, GBA, DS, Dreamcast, Xbox) and pirated roms freely (because it doesn't hurt Sony, only competitors), while restricting pirated PS3 games.

Kevin ButIer2899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

Remember sons... the empire always strikes back

*To be honest ill enter into a nerd ragegasm as soon as BFBC2 hacks arrive. RAGE

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hot1112899d ago (Edited 2899d ago )

They can do nothing really except try to protect PSN,system is so compromised that everyone can be Sony.
Sony vs Sony...who wins?

Think of it like this,hackers could make anti Sony measures now.Sony is like a pirate for them now,lol

SoSLy2899d ago

wtf are you talking about? nothing in your arguement makes any sense whatsoever.

theonlylolking2899d ago

They will probably sue someone. With them knowing how the hackers got past the PS3's security they can improve on that with the PS4.

GigaGaia2899d ago

They can't do anything. As for banning you online, they haven't banned people who play online with the jailbreak, so I doubt they ever will.

Probably the only way to get banned online is if you start cheating like a madman.

madpuppy2899d ago

I wouldn't be so sure, they just haven't done it yet.

If they see that they cannot fix it this time I can see them banning the hardware.

And that is a good thing.

Cheaters, pirate games and bandwidth will all have to be dealt with one way or the other for the sake of the paying customer QOS.

GigaGaia2899d ago

Except that pirates who just run backups and use no cheats whatsoever are not a nuisance to online play.

In fact, if someone plays backups but doesn't cheat, that would increase online population.

Also, hackers will probably find a way to make it so sony can't detect them.

madpuppy2899d ago

I'm pretty sure that there is a hardware embedded serial that recognizes every PS3 on the network. Usually that is something that is nearly impossible to mask or spoof unless you steal someone elses serial I cannot see you being able to hide for too long and eventually the appearance of duplicate serial #'s will cause problems for the scumbag cracker and the honest paying customer. the only difference is that the honest consumer will be able to verify his hardware and the scumbag cracker will not.

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