Halo 3 Forge: A Summary of Features in the Map Editor

While details of the mysterious "Forge" are sketchy, long-time Gamersyde forum member Acert93 has combed through various sources (Bungie, IGN, EGM, Screen Play, etc.,) compiled and examined a large amount of data, and written a very thorough list that summarizes the capabilities and limitations of the rumored multiplayer map editor. Reported on TalkXbox, 09/14/2007.

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ktchong3838d ago

Halo 3 has a map editor!?

socomnick3838d ago

Theres tons of videos on it. looks kinda fun I wana drop stuff on people as an arbiter.

Marriot VP3838d ago

the amount of gameplay options from this will last forever

Daxx3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

I might make a baseball game variant with Forge just because of the gavity hammer and that it can deflect gernades. :D


damnwrx3838d ago

Keep your XBOX cool...........

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