Pachter "360 outsold PS3 over 2-1 in the US last month"

Analyst Michael Pachter has stated his hardware sales estimates for the USA in December claiming that the Xbox 360 outsold the PlayStation 3 by two to one.

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stonecold32809d ago

pacther should check the rest of the world instead of usa hes an idiot everyone knows ps3 outsells 360 world wide. peace ?

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DelbertGrady2809d ago

And other planets. I hear the PS3 is the best-selling console on Mars /s.

Halochampian2809d ago

And Wii still has Venus. Women...

zootang2809d ago


So I guess you think the guy out first at the Rally has won the race?

The Meerkat2809d ago

American consumers have the most money to spend on games.

I'd guess that the average American buys 2 games for every 1 bought by the average Egyptian or Hungarian.

I'm not American but its easy to see the value and importance the American market has on the development of new games.

JeffGUNZ2809d ago

Exactly. Thank you. Someone who sees that Americas market is one of the largest world wide. So yeah, leading in America is a very good accomplishment.

zootang2809d ago

The Xbox is just like American cars. Not really wanted anywhere but the USA in which they do incredibly well.

Kleptic2809d ago

^^American cars still aren't wanted here...Anyone that knows anything about cars knows to simply stay away from took a massive buy out by our government just to get them in production again...They are getting better, but that is mostly due to the fact that American car design has been outsourced to the rest of the world...Almost all of Ford's new cars have been designed and engineered in Europe...and the increase in quality is directly because of that...

Now i said 'cars'...not trucks...American trucks are actually pretty good when used as intended (you know, for like work and shit?)...The worst part is that about 15% of trucks bought in the US are actually used as intended...the other 85% are used by the dudes wife to get groceries...or by rappers...putting white leather in them and lowering them, because they are the coolest Americans alive...

captainjy2809d ago

zootang, why don't you just do us all a favor and move to Japan and take your toaster with you!

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siyrobbo2809d ago

but there are no solid numbers for the rest of the world?

ct032809d ago

There are.

360 = 50 million shipped through December 31
PS3 = 41.6 million shipped through September 30


More info on Wikipedia

zootang2809d ago

The 30 million xbox live user numbers make more sense to look at.
You think there is 20 million xboxs out there that have never played online?

siyrobbo2809d ago

what you 'think' and what is true are 2 very different things

evilunklebud2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )


He disseminates information for investment purposes, primarily to US investors.

Anyway, it's about the games, not the numbers..... right? Or is that only on odd number days of the month?

Tinasumsum2809d ago

360 outsells PS3 World Wide the only people tracking World Wide says the 360 has been outselling PS3 for months.

Vherostar2809d ago

America again... It's not even half the world..

ct032809d ago

It's about half.

Worldwide, roughly 180 million Wii, 360 and PS3 consoles have been sold, of which about 90 million have been sold in America.

k-Lan2809d ago

Are you people the dumbest people in the world? Wtf is wrong with you guys??? Where does NPD get their numbers from? What country?? Now read the title of the article. WHAT DOES IT SAY?? "US" omfg! Imagine that. Now get the fuck outta here with your "world" bullshit. All of you deserve to be bitch slapped for being so dumb. Sorry mods but you know it's true no matter how biased you are.

The 360 is outselling the PS3 WW anyway. Are you people surprised or something? lol!

poopface12809d ago

The US is the biggest market for the videogames industry. So its important, and there are sales reports for other areas of the world too. Im guessing you upset by what the NPD usually says, so cry about it.

Patcher is lame but this could easily be close. But I wonder if the consoles will really sell that much for the month. I kinda doubt that, but it will be interesting to see how many consoles are sold for the busy December. I wish they still showed software numbers, that is really interesting too.

k-Lan2809d ago

OMG Stonecold3! Are you for real? Now please explain why the fuck Patcher would comment on WW sales? Dumbest comment of the day by a mile! Congrats Stonecold!

Bravo42809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

Stone Cold! Stone Cold! Stone Cold!
-Good Ol' J.R.

Anon19742809d ago

Yeah, I don't see why US only numbers matter. 360 outsells the PS3 all the time in the US, then the Japanese market makes up the difference and then it all boils down to Europe, where the PS3 is leading as well. Like last quarter - 360 outsold the PS3 in the US but overall the PS3 outsold it worldwide by almost a million in that quarter alone.

I'd think for investors that overall, worldwide sales would be more important then just regional numbers, but then Pachter likes his sensationalized quotes, doesn't he.

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Halo_Reach2809d ago

Ps3 not even sold 800K in USA , 360 sold more than 2.5M i would take a bet with anyone in that!

Once again patcher u are wrong!

Clarence2809d ago (Edited 2809d ago )

The PS3 sold more than 800,000 in December. Stop hating Patcher jr.

siyrobbo2809d ago

last year they sold well over 1 million, this year they had offers with $100 gift cards, i cant imagine it selling much less than last year

ct032809d ago

3-1 is too high. But I see PS3 just under one million units for December and a ratio of about 2.5-1.

PimpHandHappy2809d ago

the game of smoke and mirrors

They played the game like Nintendo did. Provided something new and promised the moon when after a year or two you will be lucky to have enough to drive 2 miles down the road.

If 360 leaves its core it will never see a part 3 unless they release 2 years from now and have blueray as the format