Comix Zone: The Tribute | GameState

"Comix Zone was such a zany idea, that it had to get the GameState Salute." - GameState

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WobblyOnion2622d ago

I loved comixzone, shit was rad.

granthinds2622d ago

Indeed, although a little short. Still was pretty awesome! :)

mightyboot2622d ago (Edited 2622d ago )

Comix Zone a pure classic that needs a proper HD treatment (like Splatterhouse) in my book.

granthinds2622d ago

That would be excellent! On Arcade is a must!

granthinds2622d ago

But that said, it really does deserve a tribute. Solid game.

ianfelmore2622d ago

This takes me back, wow! Nice tribute!

kelvinmanley2622d ago

all they need to do now is remake this game where you can use motion controls to draw your own weapons and props - kinda like a suped-up scribblenauts

granthinds2622d ago

Sounds like an amazing idea! I wonder why noones thought of it yet?