Test Drive Unlimited 2 Gets #2 Developer Diary "Power & Control"

Ve3tro writes: "Atari and Namco have today released a second dev diary "Power is nothing without control" for Test Drive Unlimited 2 which can be viewed below.

The game releases in February for the PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation."

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Terarmzar2892d ago

I have been waiting for this game since last year, i enjoyed the first on ps2 so i hope this one turns out great.

AAACE52892d ago

I liked the first one aqs well... it was a good change from the traditional driving games. Looking forwand to getting this as well.

otherZinc2892d ago

I cant wait either, was very disappointed when it was delayed this fall. Day 1 purchase!

CameronL992892d ago

These stupid developers didn't include the Mclaren F1 but they put in every stupid identical obsolete version of the Pagani Zonda every stupid year it came out? Are you kidding???????? The Zonda's a piece of garbage compared to the Mclaren F1, this couldn't be a bigger dealbreaker, definitely NOT buying this crap then.

lugia 40002892d ago

Cough im still waiting for the 360/PS3 beta they promised.

Syaz12892d ago

the 1st one was pretty underated, it was good, aside from some criticism about the car handling. i have a feeling i would like this more over nfs hot pursuit.

creeping judas2892d ago

There was the DLC that gave the game sim like handling, and I remember it was a DLC that cost a bit, but made the game quite fun.

Elvfam5112892d ago

Yes can't wait to play this on my ps1...