Does Heavy Rain Fall?

Edge: Coming from my ideology, Fahrenheit (or Indigo Prophecy) couldn’t have been more divisive. Pro: it covers interpersonal topics with well-drawn characters in relatable stories. Con: the design under the hood is a thorough rejection of player ownership, focusing instead on designer-authored branches à la Choose Your Own Adventure books. Considering that Fahrenheit was touted as a new paradigm in storytelling that would redefine gaming, it was easy to be cynical about this flimsy, uninsightful attempt to make fiction interactive.

There’s that joke that every Microsoft product comes in three releases: version one which is as flawed as an alpha build, two which is actually pretty good, and three which is what you’d wanted all along. In that scheme, Heavy Rain is version two of Fahrenheit.

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Baba19062895d ago

fall? dont drop it than.!

FrankMcSpank2887d ago

My heart fell out of my chest while playing it. Does that count?

SpinalRemains1382894d ago

The game was truly impressive. Extremely fun and had the best character builds I have ever seen. The game did not even remotely come close to falling. I cannot wait for the next PS3 David Cage exclusive. This guy "gets it".