Release This: Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, DC Universe Online Arrive Stateside

Gamasutra's regular round-up of worldwide video game releases, "Release This!", takes a look at every game title we know to be shipping to stores this week, in a custom compiled list.

This week brings Kingdom Hearts Re:coded, DC Universe Online, and Prinny 2 to North America, while Japan gets Mass Effect 2 and Arcana Heart 3.

The following list covers all of the game software we know to be available -- across all platforms and regions -- for the week ending January 15, 2011.

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TheGuardianFID2895d ago

DCU collector's edition this afternoon, I'm installing the updates as I type!!! 8)

xTruthx2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

WHAT!! where u live!!


"Games Released in Europe"

Xbox 360:
- DC Universe Online"

What LOL ? Gaming sites should really do research before posting lol