Jack Thompson sends his son to buy BioShock because he is tough

Jack Thompson, the whimsical and lovable old kook that enjoys discussing videogames has recently and proudly announced that he sent his own 15-year old son into a Best Buy so that he could purchase a copy of the M-rated BioShock. In using members of his family like this, Thompson claims to have proven that Manhunt 2 and Grand Theft Auto IV will be "widely sold to children of all ages" despite what the ESRB, Take-Two Interactive or the major retail chains have promised. Destructoid has sent Jack Thompson's medal through the mail.

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XENOCIDE3718d ago

Not this idiot again...

WafflesID3718d ago

for ONCE JT is right. There should be no way in hell that a 15 year old should be able to walk in and buy an M rated game. That is BB's fault. Nobody elses.

Perfectly valid complaint here by JT. Nobody can deny this. The clerk should be fired, and BB fined. We HAVE to make sure the ESRB ratings have validity.

JT is still a turd sandwich.

WafflesID3718d ago

That said, I would bet money that jack drove around to dozens of different stores to FINALLY find one that didn't check id and age.

I hope so anyway :)

blackmagic3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

Firing the clerk is certainly not going to teach anyone anything. The clerk should be coached. The behaviour should be pointed out, the rational for the correct behaviour should be delivered and the correct behaviour should be practiced and reinforced.

The retailer should issue a public statement apologizing for the error and outline the steps they plan to take to try to correct the issue such as staff training and extra signage to try and educate the public about the ratings system as well.

Of course, the behaviour of Jack Thompson is deviant and abnormal at best. He is of course on the extreme end of the Evangelist scale where they believe that fictional characters such as Harry Potter are the tools of the devil so really, how credible is he to begin with. If you haven't watched 'Jesus Camp' yet then I suggest you do. It'll give unique insight into his whacked out world.

Skynetone3718d ago

you will do what your dame well told, and pick up some porn while your down there

later on i will leave a loaded gun in your room

WafflesID3717d ago

"Firing the clerk is certainly not going to teach anyone anything. The clerk should be coached. The behaviour should be pointed out, the rational for the correct behaviour should be delivered and the correct behaviour should be practiced and reinforced."

What better way to teach people than "OMG did you hear what happened to bob? He got fired for selling an M rated game to a minor."

Coaching someone who makes minimum wage? Sorry, but most times their priorities aren't towards the job, but to pay their cell phone bills and keep their parents off their case.

If someone sells cigarettes to a minor then you fire them. You don't "coach" them. While cigarettes and video games aren't the same thing, it is still a mistake that shouldn't be made.

And if the clerk can prove that they were never trained properly to verify the age of someone buying an M rated game, then they should sue the store.

Bit harsh, I know, but you HAVE to get the point across.

DeadlyFire3717d ago

To be honest I think that kids 13 and up should be allowed to buy M rated games at least most of them. Most M rated games have little to nothing more than some Teen rated games some on the other hand have a bit too much adult content and deserve another rating. If you ask me if there must be some restriction I think the best way is to have M rated games restricted and carded to 15 or 16+ and MA rated games for 17+. Its not like we havn't seen nudity, cursing, and blood and gore filled movies by the age of 16 anyway. :P

I am actually happy to see this for one he is showing that ESRB and store retailers don't care as they shouldn't anyway. Another he is proving that parents are the ones to blame. Sounds like the first indirect smart thing that JT has done. LoL

WafflesID3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

That is it exactly though. It should be up to the PARENTS. If a parent doens't want a 15 year old playing an M rated title then the child shouldn't be able to just go in and buy it anyway. The parent should have full control. Abandoning the ratings system and age checking would prevent the parents from doing their job.

And there is no MA rating. That's for movies. It goes from M to AO. AO is 18+

17+ for M is just fine.

blackmagic3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

I seriously disagree waffles. You are talking about someone's livelyhood here. The fact that she is making a small wage means that she likely hasn't got money put aside for unforseens. Have you considered that she may also have dependents? Should this employee suffer for what amounts to entrapment!?

A person is 'entrapped' when they are induced or persuaded to commit a crime that they had no previous intent to commit which is clearly the case here. The clerk, I am sure, had no intent to sell the game to someone under the rated age and Thompson clearly enticed his son into purchasing the game even though Thompson and his son both obviously knew that it was an immoral action. She simply made an error or had a lapse of judgement (many 15 year olds can be judged older than they are).

Also, especially if she is an otherwise good employee, she could come back on Best Buy for wrongful dismissal and compensatory action if they did seek to terminate her employ. In my opinion, she would be fully in her rights.

Best Buy needs to show the public that they are a learning company by taking action to correct the root issue. Clearly the company mythos did not put enough emphasis on this issue if it was so easy to purchase the game under such pretenses.

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Farsendor13718d ago

the biggest idiot on the planet

Evil0Angel3718d ago

*if the shop sell games for minors than they will also sell movies for minors and everyone knows movie industry in way bigger than the gaming industry JACK RETARD THOMSON should get life.

*it is the shop falut

*not all the PARENTS are retards,parents also take parts of the resposibilty.a minor can get M rated game from his friend just like cigarettes, is the parents responsibility to prevent such things from happening

Evil0Angel3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

porn(if you look at the pic, i think Jack is watchin porn).under 18 can get access to porn, no one shouting stop the porn industry all they do is putting nottice in the there is NO red-lines that should not be crossed in the porn industry. while in gaming indutry we have the ERSB and other bodies that moniter the games and their content.
-if alchole been given to minor, the one who provide it to him will be punshied=no one says stop alcholes
-if porn material shown to minor, the one who showed him will be punshied=no one says a word against porn
-if parents give their cars to their underage son, they will got punished=no one asking TOYOTA to stop producing cars

than whats with all hate to 2K. JACK RETARD THOMSON always will talk about games published by 2K

[email protected] you JACK THOMSON

socomnick3718d ago

Even Jack Thompson has to admire bioshock.

ShiftyLookingCow3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

socomnick dont get your hopes high. As for mr. jackase, wow what a retard? he approved his own son to get a M rated game.

@evil-angel, great point, where is mr. jackase when kids can so easily watch real pictures of real people doing it on their computers? I thought it was worse than pixelated stuff. I hope he doesn't rely on filters alone to do the parenting for him.

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