Halo 3 Hype Hoedown satire song

Sadly, it is believed that many people actually think many of the things in the song will happen once Halo 3 is released -- OMG, what if people are right?

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Evil0Angel3873d ago

-everygame will get owned and pwned...
-killzone will get killzowned
-sony,free-radical..ect ect will learn how to make proper games
- 360 will outsell the wii in NA for the firsttime
-shops will stop accepting PS3 for trade-in
-ps3 will be outsold by more than 3:1 in sep

more important...i will have proper game to play while ps3 owners get their ports...(port in 25th is better than nothing)

Farsendor13873d ago

what is wrong with you and jin? once clutches their 360 other ps3 both idiots to me.

heres what i dont get yes halo is awesome killzone hasent been proved yet.

whats your alls purpose to start flame wars? to act stupid on the net? this is a nice news area for gamers get the f out idiots.

Jdash243873d ago

a decent president would be very nice

XENOCIDE3873d ago

Aint that the truth, Master Chief doesn't even have to run, I'd settle for a Grunt.

jay33873d ago

Master Chief would be the ultimate American hero.

"I'm going to finish this fight"

*Runs to Iraq, kills all baddies in 20 minuites*

War over.

That's how that sh!t would go down

roadkillers3872d ago

Theres worse people here then in Iraq. Iraq people just follow what there leaders say because they have no choice. There not bad people there just misguided. We are complaining about Iraq but truth be told we have tons more murders her then in Iraq. Bush should focus on fixing his own Country before going to another to fix theres. Although im not politically smart so I shouldnt really be saying this.

Bnet3433873d ago

The hype for this game is off the charts, can't wait to see first day sales.

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