Norwegian game shop sells Halo 3 copies early

Choi Wang mailed Maxconsole to reveal that a Norwegian game shop called Expert today sold at least two copies of Halo 3 to the public, he added the following picture as proof. In the past, premature street date breaks have resulted in competitors following suit, if this occurs, we could all be purchasing Halo 3 a lot earlier than we thought.

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RadientFlux3876d ago

Hopefully MS made the game region coded to limit the damage when the game is leaked to the torrents sites

Gamer luv3876d ago

Who cares, i was hoping this would happen, id much rather play sooner rather then later.

ktchong3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

The White dude's last name is Chinese.

Arkham3876d ago

Actually, his name was originally "McWang".

I recall reading in the news the other day that McDonald's lawyers sent Wang's family a letter notifying them of trademark infringement. It was in relation to McDonald's new hotdog meal being product-tested overseas.

XENOCIDE3876d ago

The box he's holding doesn't prove much to me (you can find that in every retailer), but that large plasma behind him sure looks convincing enough...

ktchong3876d ago

Hm. I dunno... I better not approve this.

TheMART3876d ago

Well... he could be running some video from the net with the intro screen... But I must say it's looking too sharp for that.

Sounds pretty much legit to me now the game is gold and shipped probably

RadientFlux3876d ago

I think it's true... since Microsoft has already started shipping copies of Halo 3 to retailers.

kn3876d ago

There was a screenshot of the title screen released already. That could be static plus a display box...

IPlayGames3876d ago

We got all the accessories Halo(xbox), headset... but no game.

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Odion3876d ago

I think he's a moron and MS is prob going to brick his system

XENOCIDE3876d ago

M$ would go after the retailer, not the purchaser.

It's the same as when reviews of Harry book 7 were published a day before the release. Since the newspaper obtained the book legaly, Rowling could only whine about it.

LeonSKennedy4Life3876d ago

What you all fail to realize is that once this game is cracked...I'll be playing it on my PS3.

Bioshock - play the PC version on my PS3

Gears of War - play the 360 version on my PS3

Dead Rising - play it on my PS3

Don't you love open source GL?


I will get a 360 with all three of those games though, because it doesn't feel right stealing from those companies. I respect 2K, Epic, and Capcom a LOT!

TheMART3876d ago

Ofcourse. Do you hear yourself and how dumb it sounds?

ANd you forget: the PS3 already has problems running normal multiplatform games programmed for it, framerate drops, several issues making it the minor version over and over again and you hope an emulator would let a game like Halo 3 run on it?? moahahahaha

Already having framedrops would make that a slideshow. One picture in a day for you my friend!

VirusE3876d ago

That is honestly the dumbest thing i have heard all year on this site. Way to go leon welcome to the ignore list.

Macdory3876d ago

Moron ...

If you are going to tell lies at least make them believable ...

What utter bollox!

i Shank u3876d ago

You owe me a PS3 for posting that garbage and for the brain cells i lost reading it

BLACKJACK VII3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

HA HA HA !!!

Right ! You can get a mod chip & play region free or cracked copied PS3 games, but you CAN'T play an xbox 360 game on a PS3 or a PC !!! You sir, are full of sh!t !!! "Open source GL on Linux" my a$$ - I did my own mod on Xbox 1 & all it allowed me to do was to backup my Xbox games to the 160gb hardrive I installed & play region free Xbox games - NOT PS games. I did it more to see if it *could* be done than anything, & the mod chips where you copy, crack & BURN games are VERY UNCOOL. Very dangerous stuff if you ever connect to XBL, or God forbid *sell* copied games, and in retrospect, with online gaming now, it is not even worth it even IF it was possible today. Not only that, but if it WAS possible & you EVER connected to PSN online, you will be banned for life & possibly arrested, homeslice.

You sir, are full of sh!t !!!

IQUITN4G3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

What the hell was that Leon

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