Sony Offering Free PS3 Or PSP With HDTV Purchase In EU

Apparently, Sony is offering a pretty sweet deal overseas, in Sweden at the very least. Anyone who purchases a full-HD TV from Sony, will get either a free Playstation 3 unit or a 200EU rebate on the TV. On top of that, with every HD Ready TV purchased, buyers will receive a free Sony PSP.

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Salvadore3842d ago

Dude, this is not even in Swedish.

Salvadore3842d ago (Edited 3842d ago )

Well it isn't Swedish... It might be Danish or Norwegin.

barom3842d ago

rofl that's not scandinavian at all. it looks like dutch.

def not Swedish, Norwegian or Danish. I'm Norwegian (citizen) and Norwegian is very similiar to Danish and Swedish. And the ad is def not any of the three.

Megaton3842d ago

Don't quite understand why they never do things like this in America. It's the American market that's currently the most rugged for them. They should be trying to entice our consumers with these kinds of deals.

SJL4803842d ago

absolutely do this in America and it'll be Sony ftw

nice spin bladestar your obviously a genius. Getting an hdtv plus a free game system, blu ray player and semi decent computer is an awesome deal.

BIadestarX3842d ago

wow.. sony really want to increase that the PS3 installbase...
Microsoft take notes: you should start giving xbox 360 away with each copy of SQL Server, Windows Server, etc! ohh wait.. you don't have to!

Evil0Angel3842d ago

it is all becuse of the free/free/free BR movies with PS3.
now they are trying to do the same with PS3/PSP since each of them getting their [email protected]@ kicked

SpenserTracy3842d ago

I think Microsoft already tried that. I am not kidding.

SmokeyMcBear3842d ago

Nnnneeeerrrrddddsssss!!!!!!_ Ogre

Rageaholic3842d ago

On how different divisions within a company work together.

they kill 2 birds with one stone, get ppl to buy a 1080 p monitor, and they will buy blu-rays to accomodate the purchase.

Foliage3842d ago

No one would be encouraged to buy a television with the addition of a 360. Remember when they were giving away 360s with the purchase of a Doritos or Pepsi product?

Canadian readers might remember the website.

Buy a bag of chips or a soft drink and you can get a 360!

Nice try though Blade.

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SpenserTracy3842d ago

Perhaps I should have waited as Sony said, but maby I can buy one more tv for my bedroom, the PS3 I get 4 free.
This is what some xbox fans don't get yet. The PS3 is so good I actually want to buy one more. And the Sony bravia full HD is awesome.

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