TVG reviews Heavenly Sword

Nariko makes her way to the PS3 in the most visually stunning title to grace the format yet...

Since its unveiling as the first title to result from Ninja Theory after the collapse of Argonaut and subsequently Just Add Monsters, Heavenly Sword has widely been considered as the PS3's first exclusive must-have title.

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ReBurn3930d ago

The production quality of this game is stellar. I booted it up for the first time last night and I find it to be amazing. I played through the first chapter, which gives a feel for the motion controls while shooting. I think it's pretty cool.

kalistyles3930d ago

I love the controls as I am playing the game as I am typing(with the game on pause of course). The cinematics is truly amazing and the scenery is probably the best I've seen. I wish the game wasn't so short as everybody is saying. It's making me want to stretch the game out a bit and not beat it so quickly. If it were about 5 hours longer you would definitely be seeing higher scores. I love it regardless though. Gets a 9.0 in my book.

felidae3930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

It will take you much longer to beat the game in hell mode.

and after that you can select single chapters to play them again to get all the gold medals.

Fighting against Bohan's fat son makes me feel like i'm part of a fantasy movie. stellar.

blusoops3930d ago

I have to say this is the first game I've played in which I am actually interested in the storyline. The visuals are awesome, combos great, and cut scenes so dramatic and interesting that even my wife stayed and watched me play...and she doesn't even like video games! I give it a 9.5!

SpenserTracy3930d ago

These so called journalists are rating this game to low. It's a solid ten. The graphics, the gameplay, the story. I mean everything is top points.
Critics should really get over this eh a little short thing bull.

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The story is too old to be commented.