Blu-ray: Target Also Stocking Shelves In Favor Of Blu-ray Software

Target is shifting the balance of its high-definition software merchandising toward Blu-ray Disc, now devoting twice the amount of display space to that format than it does to HD DVD in some or all of its stores.

In the last several weeks, various industry sources have noted Target doubling the room for Blu-ray titles, while keeping shelving for HD DVD titles the same. At three Los Angeles and two Orange County, Calif., locations, Target had space for 24 Blu-ray titles along four vertical rows and 12 HD DVD titles along two vertical rows. At one Philadelphia-area Target, there appeared to be four times the room committed to Blu-ray than there was to HD DVD software.

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sticky doja3687d ago

Well I hope they are gonna make more room for Bluray movies if all they are gonna be selling is bluray hardware. It only makes sense.

pwnsause3687d ago

just goes to show you, its not the players that matter, its the number of discs that are sold, reason why blockbuster shifted to Blu-Ray in the first place, it doesnt matter how many players you sell, what matters is movie support, Blu-Ray sells more discs than HD-DVD, that might change if anything happens, such as a movie studio jumping ship

Fan Tastic3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

Plus HD-DVD fans were buying titles simply because the player are lower priced but there is a new player coming to town, HD-VMD. HD-VMD is going to cut into HD DVD sales dramatically as that is the main talking point for HD DVD fans being taken away.

This leaves it as Blu-ray being the choice for those who want top notch quality in movies and players and HD-VMD replacing HD DVD for those who just want above DVD quality and lower prices on the hardware.

jmoneezie3687d ago

This may also explain why the 360 is kickin' the PS3 in the pants. And why it is the primary console for multiplatform games. More software sales = more developer support.

Like madden 360 outselling madden ps3 3-1. Hmmm. There's a new concept.

Anyway, didn't we hear about target and blu-ray months ago:

I could be wrong, but seems like pretty much the same thing to me. Gave or take an opinion or two.

MarioFromTexas3687d ago (Edited 3686d ago )

I would think Madden would sell more on 360 wouldn't you..You can say the same thing about PS2 right..madden on PS2 sold more copies than the 360 so should EA stop making copies for 360 and concentrate on PS since it outsells 360...The 360 should have more games out since it's been out for 2 years and the PS3 only 10 months. I guess Sony should of just let the PS2 whipped the hell out of the 360 for the next 4 years before releasing the PS3. That would of been funny don't you think 360 can't even outsell the PS2 which been out for almost 8 years...What do you think it's going to happen next year with development tools for the PS3 come to play....
360 R.I.P. 19OCT05-19OCT07

is the ps2 sells ,,,that's still consider a sell for Sony. How many xbox1 are sold each month? Sony is still making money you idiot, so when is the 360 really going to start outselling it's competitor, because last time I check PS2 makes sony 1 billion dollars a month...Money is money no matter if it's from PSP, PS2 or PS3. You xbots try to separated them because you know 360 is selling worst than the first xbox and it's coming on it's 3rd year

jmoneezie3687d ago (Edited 3687d ago )

Okay, first off I'm not going to get in a pissing contest with you over what your or my opinion is. But I will say this; at lease get your facts together before you open your mouth or you tend to look STUPID!

Second - Here are the madden sales for the ps3, the ps2 and the 360.
MADDEN NFL 08 (360) - 896.6K
MADDEN NFL 08 (PS2) - 643.6K
MADDEN NFL 08 (PS3) - 336.2K
(Note the 360 almost beat the both combined)

Not unlike your bullsh!t these numbers show that you just pulled your numbers out of your A$$. Third, you're right maybe Sony should have let the PS2 kick the 360 in the A$$ for 4 more years. But, that's something you need to take up with Sony. But since they didn't, it is what it is.

Yo Texas, that also means that the PS2 is REALLY kickin the PS3 in the A$$ (Can't believe you even brought it up, pretty stupid). It's like you old A$$ chevy blowing the door of your new corvette...DOH!

And your comment about the developers tools, was pretty desperate. People stop using that crutch almost 6 months ago. But since you dug if up, once again that's something you need to take up with Sony. It's not my fault that they were stupid enough to release a console without making proper developer tools for it.

Last, I own a PS3, but that doesn't mean I'm going to blindly follow Sony and believe all of there BS as you obviously have. There is a reason I only have three games for it in the past 8-9 months. When the PS3 starts to kick the 360 in the ARSE, I'll be right there to give it credit, because I believe in give credit where it is due.


EDIT: MARIO one last thing, you been on this site for 61 days and have managed to accumulate 21 ignores, and only have 3 bubbles. This is after N4G reset everyone and granted all below 5 back to 5. What does that say about you.

synetic3687d ago

jmoneezie shut up xbot .. xbots are getting more and more they IQ low lol

well blu ray will win this is one more reason that im right .. well ps3 owners make the right choice ..

sticky doja3687d ago

"more and more they IQ low"

I think the pot just called the kettle black.

oohWii3687d ago

Classic response. I love it! You are so dead in with that

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