PSU's Top 5 PS3 Games You Must Have Before '08

PSU lists the Top 5 PS3 games people must own before '08. Click the jump to find out what titles made it and what the runners up were.

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sticky doja3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

Its PS3's top 4 exclusives (some for just this year tho) and COD4 which is like on everyones favorite list reguardless of console.

Edit: Can anyone explain why they disagree? All 5 of those games is all I hear anyone talking about on threads, besides Rockband and GH3.

Baba19063905d ago

missing warhawk there. i think thats very must have. =D at least for me

Satanas3904d ago

I agree, but I think the list is games to get post-Heavenly Sword/Warhawk to the end of the year. So that'd be mid-September and onwards. It wouldn't make sense to leave out Warhawk if it included August.

Baba19063904d ago

oh right. u might be right. didnt think about that.

felidae3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

already playin a press version of Heavenly Sword. Can't wait to play all the other nice games for my ps3.

Naruto3905d ago

No warHawk and Heavenly Sword

Chriswsm3905d ago

There are too many FPS on that list for my liking. Lets face it a FPS on a console joypad is terrible compared to a keyboard and mouse.

BF2142 & HL2DM beats any FPS on a console for playability and enjoyment.

3905d ago
Satanas3904d ago

Well if it's really a problem do what I did an get a FragFX for most shooters and keyboard/mouse for UT3.

stunt2133904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

All of this xbots who talk trash about ps3 all day really need to shut the f**k up. this article is about 5 most wanted ps3 games before 08 and xbots are writing comments like ps3 owners still playing the waiting game because thy know after halo 3 they dont have any AAA games anymore. xbots can deny it all they want but they know ps3 games are coming and as soon as MGS4 and FFXIII, Microsoft will basically lose the console war again. When will microsoft realize they should just pul out of gaming industries, they cant even make any profit. i have a feeling microsoft will end up like atari and then the gaming world will be better place just like before microsoft enter the competition.

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The story is too old to be commented.