Netflix streaming HD addition: Halo Legends

Gamertag Radio writes: "Don't have Halo Legends? No worries. Netflix just added Halo Legends for instant streaming in HD."

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theonlylolking2895d ago

I liked halo legends. Especially when they sorta are like DBZ people and they have super powers and have super strength.

WildArmed2895d ago

I havn't seen it, but now will definitely have to see it.

PS: I hope we got get another 10 stupid articles about 'Nowz you can play Halos on ps3/wii' like we did when they released the bluray and DVD version of the movie

m232895d ago

Halo Legends was alright, some shorts were better than others. I really liked the Origins episodes since they really explain who the forerunners were and what the Halo rings actually do. One or two of them were disappointing but the majority were really fun to watch.

Lahey2895d ago

Not in Canada.

WildArmed2895d ago

I do hope Netflix really gets off their lazy arse and gets it's shit together in Canada.
It's a really good service (albiet it did take about 2 years for it to become a good Streaming service in US).
I guess Licensing and other stuff may be holding stuff back.
Once they start getting stuff approved, the rest of the content should start floating in back2back I hope