CVG Stranglehold Review 8.5

The developers at Midway obviously understand three important rules. One, smashing an object to pieces becomes increasingly more entertaining in direct proportion to how big and expensive it looks. Two, rendering a man infertile with a high velocity projectile never ever stops being funny. And three, the true path to happiness has got sod all to do with enlightenment, or loving your neighbour, or any of that hippy-dippy nonsense.

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lonestarmt3744d ago

interesting.. One reviewer says its 6 hours another says its 8 How come some reviewers are able to get past it being short because its just good, yet heavenly sword they say its good but yet short and gets a strike against it. This game is repative to just going around shooting, stuff but in heavenly sword you go around hacking and slashing, but HS gets a strike against it saying its repative. very interesting indeed.

still going to buy stranglehold though!!! lol