PGR4 hot new gameplay video roundup

Yesterday the news dropped that PGR4 had gone gold. Today more footage is released, and it shows the dynamic weather effects to be operational.

And damn Xboxkings like it, the snow is falling down like it's in real life, it's adding an extra layer of snow on the track, if a car drives by it's throwing up snow, water and dirt. It is just looking real good! Check the embedded footage from Gamersyde after the jump, now three videos in total and Xboxkings will edit if more is coming in. They named the videos:

'Snowy Quebec'
'Foggy Saint Petersburg'
'Shangai by night'

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sjappie3936d ago

Can't wait to play this game, it looks amazing.

razer3936d ago

as does the weather effects but the car/motorcycle models look rather lame.. They don't look like they fit into the lighting of the environment very well..

Since when has a motorcycle had a rear view mirror?? They should of better utilized the sidemirrors.

PS360PCROCKS3936d ago

I completely agree on the bikes, it looks awkward to me as well

TheMART3936d ago

Yeah although the motors I don't like them. I've played it in Leipzig, it was the old E3 demo, but I don't know... Maybe its just not my thing

The cars though, when I see the Quebec gameplay in the snow, the part from the intro to actual gameplay is flawless. And it looks so damn good, surroundings, the snow effects...

ME WANT... now

sjappie3936d ago

what didn't you like about the bikes, the way they control or just that they're in the game? I'd like to know cause I was planning on drivin a lot of bike.

TheMART3936d ago

Sjappie I guess its because of a number of things:

1. Motors just really aren't my thing (Moto GP 06/07 I feel is fun but it gets frustrating falling many times)

2. In PGR4 you don't fall that much, but it might is too arcade there. I did hit some walls playing pretty hard, but the motor still stayed up. On the other hand, it was an old build demo, it might have been tweaked (I expect it too)

The thing I did like with the motor, was when it slips, the vision just wiggles, when you have lets call it first person vision without seeing the monitor its pretty cool.

I am pretty sure if you like motors in games, you'll like PGR4, don't worry about that!

sjappie3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

I wasn't really worried, I loved PGR3, I just wasn't sure about the way the bikes handled, although it looked pretty solid in the videos I've seen. I really like that you can have cars and bikes in the same race, it's just spectacular.

felidae3936d ago

totally impressed .... NOT!

ACE3936d ago

VERY impresive i cant wait for this , this game is gona rock just like halo 3 . the 360 fans have a lot of good games to get through shame about the ps3 fans , they dont have many .

listen why make a comment like that ?

fan boys like you r ruining this site .

TheMART3936d ago

Well idontcare wedontcare about your its360soidontcare shiat


that's the only thing. I hope the gameshop your work in will go bankrupt, because as a gamer you SUCK

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The story is too old to be commented.