Halo 3 TV Ad - Believe

An exclusive full-length, live-action Halo 3 commercial. Is Master Chief's fate sealed?

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toughNAME3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

- This is Spartan 117, can anyone read me, over

- Master Chief? you mind telling me what your doing on that ship?

- Sir, finishing this fight

FreeMonk3746d ago

This is exactly HOW you advertise a must have title for your console!

It's a shame that Sony is not doing the same for games like Heavenly Sword and Lair.

I have yet to see any adverts from Sony for there games other than that pointless 'This Is Living' trailer.

Yet every day I see a 360 or Wii trailer for a game that's arriving on there console!

I can't wait to start seeing these spots on TV!!

Odion3747d ago

that one was cool, that whole battle looked really well done.

Retro-Virus3747d ago

I just hope MC doesn't die. He just can't !

BloodySinner3747d ago

I hope he doesn't die too! But hey, all great heroes fall at some point...

LeonSKennedy4Life3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

If that's how it ends...this WILL be epic. I haven't expected much from the Halo storyline so far, but that would just be AMAZING!

I believe in the story. That means nothing for the gameplay.

Honestly, I could say that Shadow of the Colossus has the best ending ever and pretty much be right.

This did remind me a lot of RFOM's ending though...

If it does end like have been pretty predictable.

Here's my opinion: The game doesn't end this way, but the ending is still REALLY good. This would just give it away entirely. I think him blowing up just himself and one enemy (i lack knowledge on the halo universe) will do much.

HyperBear3747d ago

All you gotta do is believe in the story, and believe in this game, and insanley good things will come. THAT WAS FRICKIN AWESOME. Best ending of a commercial this year.

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The story is too old to be commented.