Nintendo President Talks Kinect, PlayStation Move

During our discussion, the executive spoke candidly about the Kinect for Xbox 360 and the Sony PlayStation Move, two gaming peripherals that took a page out of the Nintendo play book, following the runaway success of the Wii's motion controllers.

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MintBerryCrunch2627d ago

Dance Central...basically Just Dance for the Kinect...both have done well and actually show off what both the Wii and Kinect can do with proper development

and i agree with him that its a waiting game with the Move...but all of that will change once LBP, Socom and KZ come out

i also associate Dance Centrals success to the $500 million ad budget...almost every Best Buy commercial for the month of November showed the game off in some way

deadreckoning6662627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

@MintBerry- Now, this is gunna sound really REALLY crazy it possible that Dance Central is successful because people enjoy playing it?

@tony6767- Even if that were really think Reggie, a man who has admitted that he doesn't play games, cares whether or not there is a product that out Wiis the Wii? All Reggie cares about is two things:

1. Making money
2. Making everyone believe that the Wii is the best thing since Wendy's Frostys.

As far as I can tell, hes doing a damn good job. Reggie cares about the Move as much as Sony cares about Kinect...not much at all. Different products, different audiences. The probability of a person who already has a Wii shelling out $400+ for a PS3/Move bundle is slim to none.

FailOverHero2627d ago

Get out of here with that crazy talk dread! Don't you know that every single game on kinect has sold millions, even fighters uncaged because of the 500 million budget. There is no distinction between good games that people want and bad games. They are all selling because of the marketing. There is absolutely no way that Dance Central, a AA rated game, is any good. No, its all just marketing.

Pillage052627d ago

I'm not saying dance central/kinect doesn't deserve its sales or people don't enjoy it (dancing isn't my thing) but a clever $500 ad budget could sell anything.

ExplosionSauce2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

I must agree. That's an excellent point.
(When reading your comment in a non-sarcastic manner, it all makes sense now! :D hahaha)

The standards for Kinect games are... different.
Don't get too excited.

AAACE52627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

Seems like a lot of people are still mad that Kinect didn't fall on it's face as they predicted!

You guys are still blaming that 500 million marketing campaign? They said that they were going to treat the Kinect launch like a new console launch, so you knew they were going to stick lots of money into it!

Quit holding on to that marketing budget like a security blanket, because no matter how much money you put into something, no matter how much you put it in people's face... in the end, it's up to the consumer to decide if they feel like a product is worth it! All MS can do is show it and hope people see the possibilities.

Example... I see Taco Bell ads on TV all the time. Some of it looks pretty good. But I always drive right past it when i'm looking for something to eat... just doesn't feel worth it!

thats_just_prime2627d ago

I find it funny how everyone says MS spent 500 million on kinect with no proof. Then they act like thats the only reason it was successful. They seem to forget that $ony spent over 5 billion on move and its a flop

Shepherd 2142627d ago

Are you kidding me?

Isnt anyone here impressed with the fact that this guy actually complimenting the competition in specific ways and not saying something spiteful like many executives do?

Achemki2626d ago

Proof? There's tons of it. The half billion was even quoted by non-gaming news sites like CNN forever and a day ago. Then you say Sony spent 5 BILLION (?!) on Move? Lmao, do you even know what a billion is? I swear. Some people's children... :p

Hitman07692626d ago

@thats_jus_prime and @achemki


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FailOverHero2627d ago

This is ridiculous. Before kinect success, everybody was on microsoft's case about that 500m marketing, claiming it was a waste and they'd never get it back. Now that they've sold 8 million and Kinect titles are actually SELLING, everybody is all 500m budget this, 500m can sell is getting tiring. Just face it fanboys, kinect is a success and you going on and on and on about the marketing only sheds light on how lame Sony's marketing strategy is

MintBerryCrunch2627d ago

calm down have a problem with statement...

where is Captain Hindsight when you need him

lol...fanboy, really?

just calm down, i actually said that the ad budget is a success, lol

FailOverHero2627d ago

No, you said that Dance Central's success is because of the ad budget. There's a difference...

MintBerryCrunch2627d ago

learn to read

"both have done well and actually show off what both the Wii and Kinect can do with proper development "

"i ALSO associate Dance Centrals success to the $500 million ad budget...almost every Best Buy commercial for the month of November showed the game off in some way"

are you that blind or just too stubborn to admit that you are wrong...and i dont get why you are fighting this when in FACT the ad budget helped this game sell...all the kiosks and commercials? and you're gonna tell me that i just think its the ad budget...the ad $ helped, but it being a good game only made it a bigger success

man up and quit whining

garos822627d ago

mint berry crunch you are my hero!

ThanatosDMC2627d ago

"where is Captain Hindsight when you need him" -MintBerryCrunch

Hahaha! Bubbles for you. You know what i like.

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Inside_out2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

Reggie is a genius...plain and simple. Their motto " more fun for less money " absolutely killed the competition this gen and still is several years later.

As for these fanboys claiming the M$ budget has helped Kinect sell...well clowns get the " no shit Sherlock " award. If you don't advertise, how will anyone know it exists???

Dance central may not be a perfect game, no game is, but the game shows why Kinect is better and offers something the others are not offering...full body motion control.

Kinect is a runaway hit because the price point is right, in combination with Xbox 360 S. Also, over the holidays many family and friends get together to celebrate and this is where motion controls like Kinect really shine. Word of mouth is the best endorsement and Kinect has become the new hot gadget to controllers needed. this the best thing to happen...Maybe. I would like to see some more investment in the " hardcore " gaming department but as long as casual gamers continue to spend a boat load of money on these types of games, you will see alot more of them.

No need to panic YET...but, if you see dance central at the top of XBL most played on line charts, then by all means, start panicking...not gonna happen...I think...O_o

BTW, if you think Reggie has an issue with move...your right. You would be pissed as well if some one ripped off your entire platform...right down to how it looks and then advertise that it's better. M$ to their credit have never stooped to that level. Sony has and continues to show how classless they are with their desperate Kevin BUTTHURT Pew, Pew, Pew inspired commercials.

room4142627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

"You would be pissed as well if some one ripped off your entire platform...right down to how it looks and then advertise that it's better."

Like how nintendo ripped off Xavix which released in 2004?

Redempteur2627d ago

"M$ to their credit have never stooped to that level."

Wow ..another attempt to rewrite history should really look at what microsft has done in the past in order to crush their oppponents ..

NeutralGamer2627d ago


Have you seen that video you self?

Xavix was designed by former Nintendo employees...
Now I wonder where they got their ideas from?

fooltheman2626d ago

haha dance central just use contours...just like the Ps eye can do that...

edgeofblade2626d ago

@fooltheman: You're over simplifying it... or downright lying. The Eye cannot sense depth. The Kinect uses a specialized infrared array to sense depth. Kinect can do things the Eye simply cannot without the Move... and even then, it can only track a single point in three dimensions.

room4142626d ago


Do you have a link that proves xavix was designed by former nintendo employees or are you just going by some nintendo fanboys youtube comment?

NeutralGamer2626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )


Here is the link and a quote from it:

"A new game system from former Nintendo programmers and engineers."

Heres another link:

And the quote:

"Nakanishi and the other founders worked at Nintendo during the Nintendo Entertainment System days in the 1980s. The NES system was originally intended to be more than a gaming system, Nakanishi said. But the first non-game programs were unsuccessful, and Nintendo soon abandoned them. Xavix will try to pick up where Nintendo left off, he said."

I'm not saying who ripped who, I'm just saying that its weird that two VERY reminiscent consoles was designed by two different companies, which once shared the same vision and had ties...

Basicly the Xavics guy felt Nintendo was too unsuccesful and tried to go solo, but they should have stayed IMO

Also xavixs was released in 2004, but Nintendo already tried to patent the Wii remote back in 2001...

room4142626d ago

So these guys worked for nintendo in the 80's and founded the company that made xavix in 95. Not sure how anybody could conclude they got their ideas from nintendo then.

Also sony has been working on this technology since before 2000 according to digital foundry.

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edgeofblade2626d ago

I doubt "everything" will change when LBP, Socom and KZ come out. These concepts have been done before on Wii and are nothing new, whatsoever.

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tony67672627d ago

his face looks pissed when he talks about move, hes knows that move is better than wii motion controller

Shok2627d ago

Lol, damage control eh?

But seriously, bragging about Move is so pointless. I would HOPE that a SONY product would be better than NINTENDO'S when it comes out 4 years later......

A Move wasn't better it'd be a catastrophe.

tony67672627d ago

pointless lool its like saying wii its pointless they are the same tech the only the difference its that move its better its a fact ps3= harcore wii= casual shity games

Shok2627d ago

You didn't counter what I said at all, nice.

Anyways, Move is the same tech (except better of course), but the difference is between the game. Move isn't be utilized the same ways the Wiimote is. The PS3 has no game like Red Steel 2 or MadWorld, for instance. You guys are stuck with sports games and a few shooters that support it, while the Wii has a much wider variety of genres/concepts.

Casual shitty games? Like:

Man Hunt 2
Silent Hill Shattered Memories
No More Hereos 2
Metroid Other M
Red Steel 2
Monster Hunter 3
Metroid Prime Trilogy

yadayadayada, I could go on forever, you get the point. You only see casual games because that's all you want to see. Any Wii gamer knows that the Wii has a slew of hardcore titles.

tony67672627d ago

hahaha madworld=fail, manhunt 2 on wii=fail silent hill excuse me but one of the biggest fail metroid other m cartoony shitty game red steel= fail etc... lool i can only see casual because i only wanna see casual? all hardcore titles had failed so far. btw wii sucks balls nobody talking about it. did u saw vgas with wii related? no because we dont care about wii its sucks, only good game on wii is galaxy 2 other than that is a fail to impress people and hype the internet. ps3 and 360 is the real gaming this generation and not wii. wii was the best when it launched because of sells but now its going downhill because of the lack of good games .

DigitalRaptor2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

My only resentment with Nintendo this gen is that they didn't opt for HD, and chose a relatively weak upgrade in hardware. Not implementing HD, is about as bad as Microsoft not including something as standardised as Wi-fi in their early consoles.

Otherwise, they have brought out some great exclusives, and to be honest they had to, since most great multiplatform games like Red Dead Redemption and Assassin's Creed are not considered for Wii because of its hardware limitations.

The reason people like you see that the Wii library is full of crap, is only because of the unfortunate rise in shovelware overshadowing the great games. You search through all the casual nonsense on Wii and you can find so many great games.

Seferoth752627d ago

Best part of Tonys post is he just called PS3 a casual console with his complete ignorance...

If it is on Wii it is casual. Well COD is on Wii and it is the best selling game on PS3. So what exactly does that say about the PS3 according to him? That it is a casual console.

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Loner2627d ago

Hes probably annoyed that Sony shamelessly ripped off his companys design

sarshelyam2627d ago

Except that they didn't...the tech was in development for far longer than the Wii, they simply weren't first to market so now it looks like a copy-cat. Fact remains, however, it works it's an improvement.

Loner2627d ago

You actually believe Sony when they say that.I dont know what to say to you

Lyr1c2627d ago


There are videos to support this claim.

Sheikh Yerbouti2627d ago

It is why he won't identify which Move game is better...they are Wii-type games.

OGharryjoysticks2627d ago

Nintendo said they were shown the Kinect tech years ago (before MS bought into it) and decided that there was too many limitations so they decided it wouldn't be good enough. Now they can't decide which one is better? LOL

Shok2627d ago

Reggie never stated which one is better. He just said that PS Move hasn't found it's killer app yet (which is true), while Kinect has. That's all he said. He didn't say "Kinect is better."

OGharryjoysticks2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

Holy smokes! Look at your disagrees. This site is infested with MS employees now. It's not the first time they troll game sites, but now they have Kinect crusades and office pools to see who does the most good for the company regarding Kinect (look I said it Kinect again and they are pleased). Other than that I can't explain it to you. I know the regulars on N4G or any real gaming site would never be dumb enough to worship Kinect like the comments suggest from these MS drones/employees

testerg352627d ago

OGharry, how do you know it was MS fans? Please look at what you said.. "any real gaming site would never be dumb enough to workship Kinect". So you're saying you "worship" Sony? That is a true fanatic.

FailOverHero2627d ago

Why did the ms employees ignore your comment then? Yours was clearly more against them than his. Maybe just maybe it was the sony fans...cos they don't like hearing that the ps3 move doesn't have a killer app. Holy Smokes batman, your detective skills blow

Loner2627d ago

@ OGharryjoysticks
Your delusional

btk2626d ago

Fully agree with you there. Just before Kinect was launched there was a sudden influx of accounts that shouted down, reported as trolling any comment that was realistic (negative) of Kinect. I even got a ban and hacked down to one bubble from 5 after a comment in a Kinect article. And funny enough could not get another bubble since that...

And funny how the disagree percentages on XB360 articles suddenly swinged. It is as if 70% of the site suddenly became pro-XB360 mad-as-hell fanboy bots.

Kinda suspicious I would say. Yep - agree fully with you.

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Kran2627d ago

Nintendo President really says: "I hate both.

I hate 360 fans and PS3 fans. You can all go die"

And that was "the truth behind the presidents" by Charlie Murray

04soldier2627d ago

"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery......"

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