Lower Priced PS3 Coming: Hon Hai Precision to Deliver PS3 Consoles to Sony

Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., Ltd., one of the world's leading manufacturers on electronic manufacturing service (EMS) basis, recently joined Sony's supply chain to deliver Play Station 3 (PS3) consoles, according to industry sources.

The sources noted that Sony has set a shipment goal of 10 million PS3 consoles for the first quarter of 2008. This means fierce competition in the global market for game consoles and will lead to a boom in the sector making consumer electronics.

Insiders in the sector said that Sony has cut the selling price of PS3 consoles, and, at the mean time, planned to launch low-price models, with ASUSTeK Computer Inc. and Hon Hai Precision to supply the models.

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drtysouf213933d ago

like the $399 40GB is really coming. I may now wait to get my 2nd PS3 if this is true.

sonarus3933d ago

why would you want two ps3's? that makes no sense. Anyways the lower the price of the ps3, the better it will see. A 400 dollar price point would really help console sales. But at the rate their dropping...

drtysouf213932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

65in 1080p DLP in my living room for my current PS3 and i have a 32in LCD that i'm eventually going to upgrade to a 42in or 50in in my bedroom. Sometimes i prefer to play games or watch blu-ray or dvd's in the comfort of my bedroom so i might as well get another PS3 for my bedroom to put better use to that high def tv. Also since it can access content from my PC i will have access to my music, pictures, video etc in my living room and bedroom.

Bleyd3932d ago

run a ranked Warhawk server on one and play Warhawk on the other. Little to no lag at all and you're guaranteed to get in a ranked server everytime.

RealityCheck3932d ago

It actually makes sense for some people to have more than 1 PS3. In my case, one is in the main living room and the other one is in a bedroom. When people are watching Blu-ray movies or playing games in the living room, I can still use the one in the bedroom. The PS3 is a great Blu-ray player. Having access to games in the bedroom now is just a bonus.

It really only makes sense for people with more than 1 HDTV though.

WilliamRLBaker3932d ago a ranked dedicated server, and play on the other ps3 all on the same line? lol lag city man.

Now if it was 2 different lines then maybe, But on a single

DJ3932d ago

So I can host 20~24-player ranked servers on Warhawk while I’m working on my PC. I think DSL allows for 8-player servers, and Cable allows for up to 16. (upload speed is important)

Figboy3932d ago

because my fiance is *ALWAYS playing mine, and needs one of her own (i'll be picking her up a 32" Samsung LCD also, so she can get her HD on).

at $400, i think i'd find it incredibly hard *NOT to own another PS3.

also, since NC Soft are releasing some MMO's, the two of us can play them without fear of, say, crappy lag and our PC's not being up to snuff to run them (her PC is pretty old, but she can play World of Warcraft; her new addiction; my PC is pretty good for playing everything but games released *THIS year...damn Bioshock...).

also, once me and my fiance move into our apartment, we'll have one HDTV for the bedroom, another for the living room, and a PS3 hooked up to each, so we can get our games and movies from the bedroom or living room, without having to unplug everything.

see, there's always a reason to own more than one of something. the issue it seems people have with owning more than one PS3 is price, and maybe a bit of envy on the part of those that can't afford to own one, let alone *TWO.

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THE_JUDGE3932d ago

Don't tell the Xbots that this rumor may be true! I hope it is, I know plenty of people would get one.

HarryEtTubMan3932d ago

I'm getting mine very soon... I can't wait!!! KINGDOM HEARTS 3!

Jandre023932d ago

I mean, you can say all you want about it. Sony completely just changed its sales approach, while taking the lead in the format war.

Who says the first year needs to count? The Xbox is still not doing so great, and Sony has yet to release any of its real AAA titles, nor has it released Home, nor has it released its store.

This is a trial year, and since the ps2 is still selling strong, what makes this a failure. New price point, new rethought SKU as well. Sure the xbox has the lead, but its lead is nothing special in terms of consoles.(they also came out first.)

Include in this that Xbox has already reached its limits. Looks like the Xbox may have ran too hard in the beginning. Halo will be fun though (im getting it.)

resistance1003932d ago


heavenly sword and warhawk are out and both IMHO AAA titles.

The PS Store has been up and running since Day 1

And home is out in a matter of weeks now

snoop_dizzle3932d ago (Edited 3932d ago )

man some people must have a lot of money to spend.

edit: i see drtysouf. Lucky!

MarioFromTexas3932d ago

I have 2 ps3's and a 360. If the price does go down to 400 I'll sell my 360 and get another PS3. $400 is a great price, and with all the games out and that are coming this holiday season,,,play beyond..

snoop_dizzle3932d ago

you are lucky.

i couldn't because i need money for games for my ps3 and 360 and possible wii.

And im in college so it makes it a little harder

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