Japan: Is Xbox 360's TGS Lineup Enough?

It's just six days until Tokyo Game Show 2007 begins, and Microsoft has already held their press conference in Tokyo. Usually, they hold the conference during the week of TGS; this year, they held it a full eight days before the start of the show. Next Generation speculates.

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FFVIIFan3741d ago

Too Human, Halo 3, and Ninja Gaiden 2 coming, its enough for the states and Europe. But for Japan? The only games that will make a significant sales boost for the 360 would be a Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, or Monster Hunter game.

sonarus3741d ago

ninja gaiden should be well received in japan. I think their line up for japan is relatively weak unless they have more unnanounced games in store.

tehcellownu3741d ago

I agree only NG2 will probaly make a big impact in Japan but the other xbl games they announced for TGS really isnt a system seller...Japan choose PS3 as their next gen system..

GMR_PR3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

That is if you dont think the Wii is not next gen. Because Japan has chosen the Wii. ;)

killercam193741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

straight up MSFT needs to say f*ck japan they are too god damn into themselves and dont wanna accept other peoples offerings so f*ck the japan market cus MSFT has really tried so i think MS should give up on them yes it sucks that they would lose a region but its not likely that japan is gonna drop their defensive wall anytime soon ...................and plz no one attack me saying that i'm some American a*shole cuz i'm Jamaican i have nothing against anyone i just think japan is too defensive

sonarus3741d ago

so because japan isnt into shooters and madden f*ck them. They are to into themselves to matter. Japan will always like what japan will always like. Ipod is succesful in japan and hey its an american product so its not like japan hates american products. Microsoft needs to create some quality RPG's like lost odyssey and not just 1 they need a whole lot and they WILL penetrate the japanese market.

tehcellownu3741d ago

Japan don't like buying system that is defective only sonata and blue dragon flopped too in sales..this is the reason why enternal sonata comin to the ps3..

Also FInal fantasy and mgs 4 is still exclusive to only ps3..These two games IS BIG and system sellers..

the 360 jus dont have anythin but fps that is popular

GameOn3741d ago

listen to yourself tehcellownu. You sound like stella, have some respect for yourself.

Greysturm3741d ago

If sony and nintendo dont release japanese quality games and rpgs it might stand a chance if they do (as is most likely?) then no.

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The story is too old to be commented.