Does Reebok slip on releasing NHL 08 jersey codes early?

RBK has dropped the ball on releasing the jersey code for both the NHL and the AHL in NHL 08, which allows the new RBK jerseys to be unlocked. The code was obviously a premature release since some teams in both leagues have not announced their new jersey designs. Soon after the realease of the code on the RBK website it was taken down. If you missed it here it is:

h 3 o y x p w k s f 8 i b c g t

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Syko3902d ago

That's pretty cool getting Jersey's that haven't even been shown to the public yet. Whoops!!

toughNAME3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

very few teams are actually changing their jerseys

most are just adding/removing certain stripes and calling them 'new' **cough** leafs

jeagles53902d ago

It might be a big deal on the contract side of things because the whole reason for the jerseys not being in the game at launch is because they were not shown to the public yet. Reebok had to wait until all uniforms were public before generating the code.

kspraydad3901d ago

Saw their sweater in game a full week before the reveal...

( is a sweater to traditionalists...jerseys are for Americans)