Bad EU PSN updates? SCEE knows and is working on it

At a ThreeSpeech organised Warhawk tournament (more on that later in the day) at 3Rooms last night, a member of the Sony Europe PR team spoke to attendees regarding the lackluster EU PSN releases. The general gist was that Japan and America are receiving decent content regularly because each territory only has a single language. Europe, on the other hand, has 21 languages and each piece of content has to be localised for all of them. They recognise this is an issue and are working on a fix

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Chriswsm3874d ago

Hmmm! I know everybody is thinking this so I will go ahead and say it.

Americans speak English (for the most part).

A hell of a lot of EU residents speak English to some extent (some do it better than we English).

Why not release the details in English at the same time as the American versions then all you have to do is change the prices over to Euros & £. More specific language editions can then be cascaded when ready.

At least this way the EU users can make a choice. Grab it in
English now or wait for the language update. Same with Australia.
Lets make the most of this rather than focus on the restrictions.