High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition Impressions

After spending a good part of an hour downloading the 300+ MB title, Loot Ninja finally got to gaming with High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition for the PS3. For $10, they say this game is a steal.

When you first start play, you are prompted to create a character. The game has slots for 4 created characters, each of which will retain their own bankroll and statistics. Initially there aren't a lot of customizations for your character, as you have to unlock these with further play. You'll get new shirts, pants, shoes, glasses, and other paraphernalia.

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tethered3903d ago

I bought it and the servers were not up yet to play online.
What the hell Sony?
I hear they are now though.

I will say I was addicted to it even with the single player mode.
I couldn't put the controller down. Of course I love Texas hold'em.

thereapersson3903d ago

This game is just what I need to pass the time seeing as how I am always looking for some good poker practice. Nice to see more than just Texas Hold 'Em, though that's a great version!

aiphanes3903d ago

At least we finally got one...

kreetah3903d ago

This sounds interesting and looks good with a great value price. I think its something I going to pick up. Is it single player only (no split screen)?

I won't be getting it right away as I've been busy trashing the bad guys in HS.

Thanks for the review!

tethered3903d ago

I believe it is single player with multi player only online.
If you and a buddy were siting next to each other playing, you would see each others cards so it wouldn't work.

SmokeyMcBear3903d ago

splitscreen... hahahahahahaha

thereapersson3903d ago

It took me 6 minutes to download this game!

drunkpandas3903d ago

Took me forever last night. Thursday nights are usually very slow with everyone hammering the servers for the newest updates to the PlayStation Store

Chriswsm3903d ago

An hour to download 300mb?!? is he using Dialup?

This sounds like a good laugh but when will it become available in the UK?