Super Smash Bros. Brawl - Veteran Fighters "Ice Climbers" Confirmed

The one in purple is Popo. The one in pink is Nana. And the two of them get along great!

These two move as a pair, with Nana automatically following along. There's safety in numbers – protect and be protected!

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vidoardes3936d ago

So basically all the rumours about old characters being removed is BS. Let's wait for the annoucement of Game & Watch!

Kakkoii3936d ago

**** YEAH! haha, SSMB just wouldn't have been the same without this character.

Come on Mr Game & Watch!

Rooftrellen3936d ago

Infinate holds are gone I hope. Ice Climbers was so cheap due to would be no fun with cheapness like that.

jadura4503936d ago

How were they cheap? They're fight just the same as any character except that they're two people to control! And even then, when you kill either one, their ability pretty much goes away.

Rooftrellen3936d ago

As I said, infinate holds. Fox had an infinate, too, which I hope is removed, but with the Ice Climbers, sure, if you can kill one, they're power is pretty much gone, but if they start doing their infinate holds on you, you will die without causing another point of damage to them, and once you come back, unless you kill one right away, the threat for an infinate hold is there again.

Anything that gets banned in competive play is cheap by any standards. Infinate holds and auto-freezing are both Ice Climber strategies that are banned in competitive play.

ChickeyCantor3936d ago

gets banned?
and iceclimbers aint even that great in battle.........
kicking their @asses is easy.