Toshiba: DVD Forum Hasn't Yet Approved Final 51 GB HD DVD After All

In a statement to BetaNews this afternoon, a Toshiba spokesperson said that only a preliminary version of Toshiba's 51 GB three-layer, single-sided HD DVD format had been approved by the DVD Forum, caretaker of HD DVD.

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Rooftrellen3837d ago (Edited 3837d ago )

It's not like it really matters, anyway. All this will be is a bullet in a powerpoint presentation given to companies when trying to get them on board, anyway.

Same goes for the 200 GB bluray disc.

We all know that HD DVD gives more than enough space for movies and all the extras we want (or in my cases don't care about, at least for me).

More space is just a way for each side to say "hey look, we're winning with more room," which looks great to consumers who don't know any better.

raziizar3836d ago

A Toshiba's 51 GB three-layer HD DVD
Toshiba did a three-layer and its only 1GB higher then a two-layer bule ray.what happen if blue ray go three-layer 75GB??

Rooftrellen3836d ago

We get another bullet point in another power point.

You don't need anywhere near that amount of space for movies. Decent for storage, but there are a lot of bigger things we can see comming for that, too.