Bizarre: Deserts, ATVs for PGR 5

PGR 4 has gone gold and is heading to the shops - bikes, weather effects and all - next month.

But even though the latest entry has only just fallen onto the production line, lead designer Ged Talbert is already thinking about where he should take the series with the inevitable Project Gotham 5.

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pshizle3874d ago

or they are just milking the series

i do love pgr though...and im going to buy PGR4

XboxOZ3603873d ago

The game will most likely surface around October/November '09 . .which will be just short of the following Xbox release in late '10 or early '11. By the time PGR5 hits, the current 360 will be running full 65nm chipsets, have a unified CPU and GPU, which they have been working on since the release of the 'current' 360.

How you can say it'll be "just milking the series is beyond me . . .two games on one generation is not milking a series, it's enhancing gameplay for the gamer. If you look at other games on a single platform, they go well beyound 2 or 3 iterations per generation . . .look at FF for crying out loud. So many iterations they have special sub-genre's just to deal with them . . No that IS milking a series.

One more game before a new machine isn't going to kill anyone, if anything, it will just give us (gamers) even more top-notch games to play. By then, the developeers will have a more cohesive and advanced handle on the 360's hardware, and we can expect even greater things from it (the current 360 and PGR5) Just look at BLACK on the last Xbox. One of the very last games on the platform, and it was better visually and physics than a new platform realease, COD2 on the 360.

Which just shows that will age comes more refinement, not milking a series.

Genki3871d ago

it will undoubtedly end up one of the most robust racing experiences on the 360 by the end of this generation. I like what I saw from recent gameplay vids anyway, and announcements like this do well for anticipating the next entry.

kn3871d ago

After playing the butter-smooth forza 2 at 60fps, I'm willing to give up some environmental detail to get 60fps...

PS360PCROCKS3871d ago

sweet, keep the ideas coming