5 indie games for when you want to relax

Sick of life and video games stressing you out? Here are five games for when you want to relax.

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choadley2810d ago

Zen Bound 2 seems very... odd.

thereapersson2810d ago

This whole list is odd.

The fact that they didn't include Flower in the list is a big, fat fail. That is one of the most Zen-inspiring games of this entire generation.

SybaRat2810d ago

I played Zen Bound 1, and it's actually pretty entertaining. Though perhaps I missed the pout by listening to speed death metal at the time.

ironfist922810d ago

Agreed. Who needs weed when you have Flower. That game makes me higher than a kite.

wenaldy2810d ago

Yeah man, but no Flower?

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