Gamestop Manager won't sell games to kids with low grades

A Gamestop store in South Dallas is breaking corporate policy by refusing to sell games to schoolkids who can't prove they're doing well at school. Managed by Brandon Scott, he's got a store rule that unless an adult can verify that a child is getting good grades at school he won't sell a game to them. Any game.

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ironwolf3929d ago

Make this a nation wide trend.

Syko3929d ago

No game for YOU!! Retard.

Bill Gates3929d ago

^^^ "Retard"

Is that really nesesary? You man juice drinking, shiet pipe sucking moron...ahahaaha

Umbrella Corp3929d ago

wow probaly a teacher in disguise good thing i get good grades though!

MyNutsYourChin3929d ago (Edited 3929d ago )

I'm not sure how much or what this is really going to help but it's a good idea for kids who don't focus on education. Maybe ignorance in the populace will begin to decrease 50 years from now...

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