CES: Mouse and Keyboard Control Coming to Xbox 360

Ask any hardened PC gamer and they'll tell you there's no better way to control a first-person-shooter other than a mouse and keyboard combination. With the Eagle Eye 360 from Penguin United, Xbox 360 gamers can do just that.

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Bigpappy2697d ago

360 games aren't made with mouse and keyboard in mind.

Arup022697d ago

Console games aren't made with mouse and keyboard in mind


AndrewRyan2697d ago

If this is true and people can actually use "gaming" mice and are good with it many controller scrubs will be complaining that they are getting killed instantly.

toaster2697d ago

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery ;)

BISHOP-BRASIL2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

This is nothing new there have been K&M adaptors for consoles for a long time now.

They force K&M into games by fooling the console to understand entries as those coming from a common controller, this plague all adapters to generally the same problems of loose controls. Not only those things create input lag but the differences in the way mouses and analog sticks work, make them almost incompatible to conversion and really hard to tune right, coulpled with the fact games aren't designed for it, you'll be lucky if you don't end up with an awkward unresponsive mouse and gameplay worse than what it was with gamepad.

EDIT: @AndrewRyan

I was just playing Bioshock and, man, I definetelly hate your guts! :)

MAJ0R2697d ago (Edited 2697d ago )

well i do now their are mouse and keyboard for PS3 as well, but I don't think you can get the sensitivity like you can from a pc mouse

kingjoker342697d ago

hasnt there always been a adaptor for mouse and keyboard for consoles?

xTruthx2697d ago

Doesn't perform the same

xDaRkModEx2697d ago

This is the 3rd time i see a article about the same product. I do not know why people approve this even if it's not even a official controller.

NegativeCreepWA2697d ago

K&M don't belong on consoles, takes away the even playing field you get on consoles. I say if you want to use K&M stay on your damn PC. As for K&M being better it depends on what your used to I actually play better with a controller and if your playing on a console and everyone is using controllers it doesn't matter if K&M is better because everyone is using the same controller anyways.

gcolley2697d ago

its for cheaters who can't win any other way. mouse and keyboard wins everytime, so the increase in popularity of this rubbish will ruin xbox live. oh well, it was good well it lasted. i don't care how bad you are with a controller, it is no excuse to cheat, no matter what their delusional justifications are.

xTruthx2688d ago

You think using m&k is cheating lol, not everyone is good with mouse and keyboard.

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theonlylolking2697d ago

This is great news since the XIM3 is taking forever to release.

theafroman2697d ago

that is actually pretty cool awesome.

Ace Killa 082697d ago

Didn't it already have support for mouse n keyboard. Or was it just keyboard ?

ingiomar2697d ago

it was just keyboard for some games i think.

I remember playing Final fantasy and Phantasy Star Universe

those are MMO's, i don't remember it working on other games.

Fallouts2697d ago

next, the internet with windows 7.

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The story is too old to be commented.