Medal of Honour: Airborne - BritXbox Review

One of the first things to notice is just how graphically amazing the game looks. On most of the plays through the game the reviewer actually slowed himself down to look out over the horizon and see the mass of troopers dropping from the air, the amazing draw distance and the tiny soldiers below, running around and doing their job. It's certainly very different from the bog standard training missions you get in most games.

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razer3902d ago

Because I am playing the 360 version now and while there is some good draw distance the graphics are underwhelming to say the least. Also, they released a patch for it last night and since then the framerate has dropped to pure garbage..

One example of the poor graphics is the shrubs. Walk up to one and you can see it's just a flat textured blob of color.. No detail at all. The character models are also poor.

The game is fun however and one of the toughest WWII shooters I've played. The battles are intense and the enemy/squad AI is decent.

BLACKJACK VII3902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

I won't disagree, because the graphics are not great. However, the character models are not 'underwhelming' IMHO, they look pretty good. But, I've played every WWII shooter there is, & this is a very good one. Much better than COD3. Everyone is concerned about graphics, I prefer Gameplay. This game has an addictive & fun gameplay style. I'm really enjoying MOHA, & yes, it is very challenging as well with great AI.

If you like WWII shooters, try the free demo on XBL & judge 4 yourself.