Two Worlds: CVG PC Review scores 7.3/10

Two Worlds isn't a masterpiece, but it is entertaining. It's deep - the side quests massively outweigh the main game, and what you can get up to with items is nearly as interesting as what you can do in Oblivion.

Just as with Bethesda's monster, you can lose happy hours tinkering with the way things work. Sadly, it's also pretty flawed, and the freeform approach is hindered by a world that's both underpopulated and underfeatured. It's easy to appreciate and enjoy, but difficult to love.

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fjtorres3907d ago

...except for the part about fighting at the shrines...
That only works with low level foes; wander far enough away from the starting point of the game and the bad guys are too tough for that to work. Ditto for wearing a foe out through multiple re-spawnings.
You're not going to wear down a cyclops that way in any reasonable amount of time with anything less than a level 40 character. And if you're that high, you should have buffs and spells to do the job cleanly.
As for the world being underpopulated, well; sort-off. There actually are lots of creatures and people in the game. They're just scattered around. Oblivion there are times you can't go 100 yards without running into a creature or bandit; in two worlds you can go a mile or two without an encounter. Which gives you time to pick flowers. ;-)
The place is just huge. I've walked over 200 miles worth, so far, and I doubt I've covered a quarter of the terrain.
As they say, it may not be a game to rave over but there is a lot to like. They just need to get a patch out to bump up the frame rate when the city crowds gather.

Rowland3907d ago

The cable I was using was the the one that came with the console. The new one has an HDMI port & fits into the HDMI port on the back of HD ready TV's (LCD/Plasma). It's made a huge difference to mine. Previously I was barely able to read the inventory text& in-game info & alerts - now it's still small but crystal clear. Also pixelisation has dissappeared & colours much richer with more texture greater detail.

Hope this helps.

Rowland3907d ago

I just bought one of those VGA HD cables & it's improved the graphics 50 percent. It's like it's a different game ! Also ftorres is right - once you're past the slow & frustrating start it builds really well & there is alot to do & like. The world is MASSIVE & this will now keep me happy for at least a couple of months...about the time Mass Effect comes out I believe !

fjtorres3907d ago (Edited 3907d ago )

The cable helped that much?
What were you using before? Connection and resolution?
I have a friend that loved Baldur's gate who is also very sensitive to flicker; I'm not, so I can't judge if the frame rate issue is that bad or not. And, on top of that, I'm running 1080p VGA.
Would be nice to know if running 720p instead of 1080i could solve the graphics issue for her cause she is interested...

fjtorres3907d ago

...not VGA...
S'alright. I'll pass on the word.
My friend has an analog-only 360 without HDMI but she's thinking of getting a second one, an Elite, so it might be of help to know the HDMI helps this game.

Rowland3906d ago

One end of the cable I've used is the same as was shipped with original Xbox 360 & fits into the existing socket on the Xbox - it's the other end that's different - it's HDMI (HD & 5.1 surround sound ready) that will only plug into a HD ready TV with the HDMI port. Analogue TV is no good. Getting an Elite won't help because you'll still need an HD ready TV to connect to in order to get the benefit. Best bet is to get a fu_ck-off 40" or above HD ready Plasma or LCD TV, get the cable for crystal clear resolution & sound then wait for the next Xbox 360 upgrade with the 60nm chips which'll be alot quiter & come with HDMI socket-socket for even better res & sound !

make sense ?