Nintendo shares up again - continues to beat expectation

Nintendo's share price was up over five and a half per cent at the close of the Tokyo Stock Exchange on Friday, moving JPY 2900 (EUR 18.2) to JPY 55,400 (EUR 347), after a slight tumble caused by the strengthening yen.

The rise was above average for the Nikkei 225 Stock Average, which rose just over one per cent.

This follows a move three weeks ago by CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets to raise the company's stock target price by 25 per cent due to the company over performing with Wii and DS sales.

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ItsDubC3931d ago

"According to a report on Bloomberg, CLSA analyst Atul Goyal still considers the company to be an excellent prospect: 'It is simply the best possible investment. [Nintendo] continues to sell far more than our super-bullish forecasts.'"

*calls stock broker*

Seriously though, I would think that the expectation for Nintendo would have caught up with the facts by now unless this is a year-long expectation. Nintendo is doing great and with the holiday season rapidly approaching, I can't see how anyone would expect Nintendo to perform worse than they have been doing since the Wii's launch.