Turbo CD Games Hit VC in October

Another system will be joining the expanding Virtual Console lineup later this year. Hudson announced today plans to begin distributing classic Turbo Grafx CD and Turbo Duo titles on the platform starting this October. Titles will eventually reach all major territories, including Japan, North America, Europe and Australia.

Hudson plans on releasing more than five titles from the two platforms to the Virtual Console in 2007. 2008 will see more than ten titles. Japan's Impress Watch game site reports that the action-RPG Ys Book I & II and the shooter Chou Aniki will be among the games available for the service.

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Syko3839d ago

To bad the only game worth playing, Akumajo Dracula X: Chi no Rondo. Will never be released. It took me four months to track down the iso for this game for the emulator on my Xbox. This is by far the most amazing Castlevania ever.

Oh well good news I guess, Even though that was the only game worth a damn on the CD expansion.

ChickeyCantor3839d ago

i have it for my xbox hahaha and its a great game indeed the music is awsome but the damn chiptune effects are horrible.....>_<

darthv723839d ago

The music is really something to behold. It makes me wonder why they dont just add drop and play technology to these emulators in the virtual console. I have a crap load of turbo cd, sega cd, neogeo cd and really cool duo cd and arcade card cd that could be inserted into the wii and played if they had the right emulator that had access to the cd drive. Then it could open the door to having more playable system games like saturn, dreamcast and maybe 3do.

If nintendo wants to make this a "wii-of-all-trades" then they should look into support for users with ACTUAL media instead of having them download the cd games all over again. I can see downloading games from the cart days but ones on cd should be playable in the system like what bleem did for the pc/playstation.