Critical Opinion - how relevant are reviews?

Reviews and review scores can be a contentious issue. Just how important are they for most people, and how do they affect the sales of games at the cash register? Palgn compare critical opinion with those of non-critics.

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cloud3603908d ago

Not helpful

Remember when ign already decided the score for the 360 version of skate without even reviewing it...

Smae with all the others no doubt

DrPirate3908d ago

When an awesome game like Lair gets 4 (Yes, I just bought it after I spent 3 days renting it, the reviews were dead wrong, I actually loved the game), an incredibly epic game like Heavenly Sword gets a 7, and shallow-as-hell pointless games like Stranglehold get 8+, makes me think reviewing games and the game industry went to the dogs sometimes........

BloodySinner3908d ago

You're the minority. If most major gaming sites agree that Lair is a bad game, it's their word against the minority. I take reviews very seriously. I don't like the idea of wasting my time on a crappy title. I rather know beforehand if a game is garbage or not.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3908d ago

Lair and Heavenly Sword and they scored like sh!t, get over it already.

resistance1003908d ago

Heavenly Sword got good reviews all over the board with a 6 being the lowest, however the vast majority were 8 and 9's with even a 10 thrown in there.

ash_divine3908d ago

bloodysinner how exactly do know that Dr.Pirate is in the minority in the minority, unless you take a survey that's inpossible to know.

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Kaze883908d ago

Well all reviews for all games give some direction how good/bad the game is. but i dont and none should trust them 100%, there are games that maybe got bad review but still there are ppl who like it so much to give it a 9/10.
If possible ill always try to test the game before buying.
Tough some games are just must buy even before it has been reviewed or even if its reviewed that it sucks balls.

Keowrath3908d ago

I can't remember the last time I bought a magazine or looked at a review site for a game I was interested in. (apart from the recent Lair issue that was rammed down our throats left and right) I usually use a mixture of message boards and gamer reviews to gauge how the game is. I've been playing games for about 20 years so I know what I like and what I'm looking for. I may have found reviews good when I was much younger but now? Not so much.

Also after a recent trip into Game in UK and seeing that Transformers was topping the charts for every single console I'd have to say not that many people do go on the reviews.

donscrillinger3908d ago

this i do believe to be true cause i've been reading online rates of games for about 10 years now every since my EGM sub ran out .

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