Killzone 3 Helghast Edition costs £112

HMV has announced that it is to be the exclusive distributor of Killzone 3's Helghast Edition in the UK, slapping an asking price of £112.33 on the fancy collector's item.

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Shanks2481d ago

terrible price is terrible.

norman292481d ago

Its only terrible because you cant afford it :P

kneon2481d ago

It's terrible because it's only slightly less than what I paid, only I paid in dollars. That makes this about 30% more than what I paid.

pixelsword2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

I don't know if I'll get it or not; I got the Resistance 2 special pack and I still haven't opened up that toy from it's packaging, so I don't know if it's going to be a bother.

It's more valuable if you play with the toys, right?


Hands Up For Games2481d ago


Standard version for me then :)!

bageara2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

Helghast edition for me!

Ive preorderd Two! :D

SonyNGP2481d ago


I'd rather get the standard edition (or collector's at least) and save my cash for the following month than shell out THAT much.

2481d ago
yoghurt2481d ago

Not too bad, you get alot for your money

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The story is too old to be commented.