Capcom: "Three Huge Announcements" on Wednesday

At the recent Activate Asia 2007 conference, Capcom informed Gameplayer to keep their eyes glued to Wednesday the 19th at the Tokyo Game Show. They have three huge announcements in the pipeline...

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gEnKiE3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

I bet all their games are now being published by M$. That will be the announcment....or that all the games are going to be 360 exclusives....

EDIT: I hope all of my "disagrees" are right because i'm not buying a 360 to play Capcom games....I want them on my PS3 :]

hazeblaze3936d ago

I very highly doubt that this news has anything to do with Microsoft or anything to do with exclusives. For one, no news concerning Microsoft would be big news, or even good news, in Japan. And number two, Capcom made it pretty clear earlier in the year that they do not intend to focus on exclusives any time in the near future.

TheMART3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

Capcom bought by Microsoft...

That's why games like Dead Rising and Lost Planet are MS exclusives, not on PS3. And former PS exclusives like DMC4 are coming to the 360.

Would be pretty much fun, DMC4 suddenly 360 exclusive

EDIT to the guy below

Pretty strange, last I was on was about 10 to 11 hours ago. And lately I don't react that much. I bet you're too often and too much here and your vision gets blurred.

darkside3936d ago

don't you ever sleep? i see u on here ever second of the day. :p

Megaton3936d ago

Isn't Dead Rising 2 going to be on both consoles? Thought I heard that somewhere awhile ago...

Capcom has all but completely abandoned exclusivity.

BloodySinner3936d ago

Sorry, Mart. I'm not with you on this one. However, it is a possibility.

Foliage3936d ago

Yeah, I'm pretty sure Capcom has no intention in selling games in Japan ever again, or any where outside of the US. Them and Microsoft would be a great fit.

Actually that would be incredibly stupid.

Maybe Dead Rising was not on the PS3 because there was no PS3 out on the market yet? Crazy theory, isn't it?

heroman7113935d ago

i doubt that so much. capcom wouldnt let microsoft or sony or even nintendo buy them.

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perseus3936d ago

This will obviously be a pre-show press release.

jesuisankit3936d ago

I am hopeing they give a DMC 4 release date.. and maybe if we are lucky enough playable demo on Live/ps network. Also a release date for RE 5 would be sweet :D. And a brand new game announcement.

darkside3936d ago (Edited 3936d ago )

MS will buy Capcom to gain a foot hold on japan. MS needs to find a way to get into japan. Xbox360 blows balls in japan, like gameboy micro over here in north America.

rogimusprime3936d ago

M$, may have the money...but not the clout to officially 'buy' capcom.
It's not going to happen. It seems to me like they 'bought' capcom a while ago.

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The story is too old to be commented.