Call of Duty 5: Not Infinity Ward?

While talking to Infinity Ward during a demo of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare at Activate Asia 2007, the famous developer mentioned to Gameplayer that they would not be making CoD5.

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reaperxciv3816d ago

be high time to retire the COD franchise, they are running out of ideas

JVC063816d ago

Ive got the cod4 beta and its fantastic, wudnt say they r running out of ideas by any means. the new rank up system for online is really cool. stats r top notch also, game looks and plays fantastic.
I defo agree Infinity Ward make the game better than Treyarch. Hope this isnt true bout them missin a year!

SlappingOysters3816d ago

you reckon? They seem to be well on their way to something very cool with Modern Warfare. They could go into the future... or try different conflicts around the globe.

DiLeCtioN3816d ago

we aint even played 4 yet and they are thinking of 5 daam

mikeaka3816d ago

dont infinity ward revovle developement of the COD franchise between themselves and Treyarch? Thus COD 5 is being made by Treyarch while infinity would make 6.

Captain Tuttle3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

And if history is any indicator COD5 will be mediocre at best.

Edit: @ SlappingOysters...I was referring to COD3. Treyarch isn't I.W. when it comes to quality.

SlappingOysters3816d ago

accept that COD 1 and COD 2 were both infinity ward and, incidently, split by two years

XboxOZ3603816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

The two studios don't revole it between each other as such, but Activison does the revolving. Remembering that Activison is the Publisher, not Infinity Ward. . .

COD5 has been in production by Treyarch for some time now, and there was evidence of this on the Charley Oscar Delta site at the sam etime COD4: Modern Warfare was "announced" . It was promptly pulled down the next day . . .

I study the upcoming games for the 360 a great deal, and have an exhaustive list of over 350 + games that have been scheduled or ear-marked for the 360 over the next 12 - 18 month, and COD5 by Treyarch is one of those games.

This allows Activsion to have a period of around 12 - 18 month between titles, as each title can take upwards of 24 - 36 months to produce on the franchise. As oppossed to 3 - 5 years for a freash, new IP, such as BioShock, Gears Of War etc. both of which took well over 5 years to come to fruition.

By moving the games between development studios, it allows smaller lead times, helps two developement houses produce games, and gives each one greater time to work on a better game, rather than rush a game out in just 12 - 18 months for a quick, but timely release.

Infinity Ward began COD4 as soon as they had finished COD2, as many aspects they wanted to put in COD2 simply couldn't, as it just didn't suit the period. So Activison allowed them to create a new line for the game, which we know know as - "Modern Warfare" . . .

It's anyone guess what COD5 will be aimed at, but my "educated guess" would be a similar theme of modern warefare, which is where most FPS are heading now as the genre' opens up to modern times. I had a link to the annoouncement on COD5, but as mentioned, it was pulled as it was obviously way too early for an announcement of that level, especially considering COD4 had "just" been announced.

This is very common in gaming, especially with larger publishers that have access to a range of developers. Ubisoft do it all the time, as does Bizarre Creations ( http://www.bizarrecreations... which while working on PGR4, have also been working hard at their other new IP, The Club . . . . using a "similar" rolling kudos pointscoring system as they use in PGR for tying different 'combos" together. The same will apply with the "shooting Gallery" within The Club . . . where staying alive is the mian aim, and racking up the points is very similar to a real arcade style shooter.

ISay3816d ago

its nice to see some one paying attention fo once.

Powelly3735d ago

Thank you, someone with common sense!!!!!!!!!!

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mikeslemonade3816d ago

This is good because i don't want the "good" game every year because then it's going to only minor upgrades. Can't wait for COD6 in 2 years. Everybody should skip COD5.

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