Killzone 3: 20 New Single Player Campaign Blowout Screenshots

Can’t get enough Killzone 3 intel, check out the latest images taken from the games recent story trailer which will have you all counting the days until release. Need more Killzone 3 story intel well here you go:

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Shazz2626d ago

I blew my load watching trailer haha .... no seriously lol

worldgames2626d ago

lol at the disagrees its just his opinion guys.

And I agree with it. hehe

Killzone 3 FTW.

Forbidden_Darkness2625d ago

Their just jealous that they can't 'blow' their load ;)

Nitrowolf22626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

F'n beautiful
didn't notice the ISA in the trailer at this part

and just look at the facial details

Nitrowolf22626d ago (Edited 2626d ago )

also is that Luger???
hopefully they bring more characters back like Hakha (or did he die???)

Shadowolf2626d ago

Hakha has retired but it was hinted that he is still involved in the story somehow.

Shadowolf2626d ago

I'm almost certain that's not Luger but it would be a great addition to bring her back into the action. As a Shadow Marshall/Assassin in the original Killzone, I think she would probably have a much more intimidating and sleek look about her, more reminiscent of her original appearance. We'll see.

spectyre2626d ago

From the PS Blog:
"Along with familiar faces from Killzone 2 such as Sev, Rico and Narville, you’ll find a couple of fresh ones: the resourceful female ISA member Jammer, as well as the hopeful heirs to Visari’s throne, Jorhan Stahl and Admiral Orlock. When the latter two lock horns, their actions will shape Helghan’s destiny – as well as the future of the ISA members still trapped there."

Shadowolf2626d ago

I believe the ISA soldier in the images is Capt. Narville. Must've been taken captive during some part of the campaign.

DoomeDx2626d ago

Good find.
It is indeed an ISA prisoner.
I think i know why that 'bad guy?' in the trailer says:
''Where are the ISA??''

they probally escaped i think.
cant wait for this shit

Masterchef20072626d ago

Are those from gameplay? Or cutscenes? cause they look almost 2 good to be true

Shadowolf2626d ago

The screenshot taken of the ISA prisoner is a cut-scene shot, however, I must note that everything taken from these latest images whether gameplay or cut-scene related are utilizing in game assets. These cut-scenes are no different from playing the real thing.

sobekflakmonkey2626d ago

they are all in game sir...there is no difference between the cut scenes and gameplay, being ive played this game already, and i can tell you, what you see there, is all around legit.

Nitrowolf22626d ago

its a cutscene, but its running with game engine. It's a common thread for PS3 games. God of war did it, Uncharted 2 and 3 do. These graphics won't be much difference then the gameplay one.

DoomeDx2626d ago

Cutscenes are ingame :)

Masterchef20072625d ago

So in the end they are doing the same thing with the cutscenes as in uncharted 2.

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Mr Tretton2626d ago

Nitrowolf2, it's not Luger. The name is Jammer

beavis4play2625d ago

that was my only disappointment with this trailer - i was SO hoping we'd get to see luger or hakha again.....maybe in kZ4 when the battle shifts back to veckta?

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Masterchef20072626d ago

looks pretty good way better than Reach and Black Ops

Nitrowolf22626d ago

why bring those up? Those games aren't even anything to talk about when it comes to graphics, heck i think MW2 looked better then BO

RememberThe3572626d ago

Reach is a great looking game though. But BO is not a very pretty game.

Bathyj2626d ago

Yeah, I think the Halo games arent technically stunning, but they are very polished. Mostly.

Masterchef20072625d ago

Because they were recent thats why and i am just talking about graphics here

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