IGN: Time Crisis 4 Hands-on

Yesterday, a representative from Namco Bandai visited the office and gave IGN a hands-on demonstration of Namco's upcoming lightgun game: Time Crisis 4. The game is scheduled to release in a bundle only, and will include the newest GunCon peripheral and the necessary sensors that will allow you to use the lightgun with any display you may (or may not) have. Although their time with the game was limited, they had the opportunity to play through the entirety of a later stage, all using the new FPS interface made possible by the GunCon 3.

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resistance1003904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

Im a massive TC fan and already have my preorder on this. Gald to here the classic mode is staying in, but very interested in the new FPS mode to see how it works

Edit - Before you say im not on about visuals as that doesn't matter, im on about the gameplay

HarryEtTubMan3904d ago

U've barely seen like two movies...this game is going to be sweeeet!

Chaos Striker3904d ago

I've played the earlier TC's in the arcade and enjoyed them a lot. The visuals may not look all that great, but with the Guncon3 I'm sure its gonna be more of a feel/gameplay than the visual aspect. That being said, it seems PS3 has integrated more motion sensing technology, which should give it some more flexibility. Of course this is only one instance and Wii still rules in that category (motion sensing), but I believe this is a positive step forward.

sheng long3904d ago

i thought it was all about gameplay, xbots? now suddenly grafx are important?