Game getting tough between PS3 and Xbox

The field's set to go on fire as Sony's PlayStation Network is gearing up to go head to head with Microsoft's Xbox Live. Right now XBL has the upper hand, featuring online gaming as well as downloadable videos and movies, but Sony is preparing to take out the proverbial ace up its sleeve. Jack Tretton, SCEA President and CEO, recently discussed future plans for the PSN.

While he won't comment on the specifics, he does give a general idea of Sony's plans for the PSN. For one thing, it'll directly challenge XBL by not implementing a monthly fee for its services:

"We're very committed to online gaming and downloadable content via the PlayStation Network, but we're going about it in a very unique way in that we're not charging a monthly fee."

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Capt CHAOS3930d ago

some more Sony lies this time around. Though, I do hope they crank it up a level and give XBL a damn good thrashing to keep the competition healthy and online gaming cheaper and better..

Nth RooCH3930d ago

The thing I've always thought when it comes to the online side, is that paying for it, pretty much guarantees a good service. Like the old saying "nothing good comes free". This was certainly the case with the PS2 online service, which even the most ardent Sony fan would not defend. It was piss poor, but free. Now Sony are trying to redress the balance by throwing the PS3 online service into the mix. But the thing is, if it degrades and is found to be lacking in comparison to XBL, what recompense can a Sony player ask? It's free!

If XBL started to suck, the company would see lawsuits, of that I have no doubt. And before anyone states no one can sue a console developer, Sony had to pay out a lawsuit in the previous generation, the first of it's kind.

I simply think that if it's free, Sony can make it as poor as they want. By charging, MS have to make it of a high standard. And thus far, they have. Thats how I justify paying for it every year.

MarioFromTexas3930d ago

You pay $50 a year to play lagfest,,,,warhawk is free and it's lag free....I do see your point...xbots are dumbazzz

3930d ago
Capt CHAOS3930d ago

and it's good.. That's assuming you pick the right server, which you are able to select from anyway..

DTClown3930d ago

you said
"By charging, MS have to make it of a high standard. And thus far, they have. Thats how I justify paying for it every year."

um...MS charged you for that xbox you think THAT is of HIGH STANDARDS?!!! How do you JUSTIFY buying 2 or 3 xbox 360's due to them breaking down?! That's what many xbots do. How many PS3 owners have you EVER heard of buying more than ONE PS3 due to system failures? none.

Nth RooCH3929d ago

So I'm gonna go ahead and assume correctly that you've never played gears of war in your life. Am I right? Yes, I'm absolutely right. And in that, you're displaying both your ignorance on the subject, and your willingness to look ignorant on any subject. Useless.

Yes XBL could be free. PS2 online could have been charged and maybe then it wouldn't have been so utterly unplayable. Currently we are still awaiting on the long verdict of PS3 online, but what we do know is it isn't as well recieved as XBL, which is still the front runner of online console gaming.

The console was flawed. The repairs? Absolutely free, with a three year warranty. Hey clown (apt name) here's a funny little stat for you. Only one games console developer has been sued due to faulty products. Can you guess which one? I'll give you a huge clue. You're a fanboy for them. Truth hurts eh boy?

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Shadow Flare3930d ago


-Better, original psn games that take advantage of the console hardware
-PSone games
-Up to 32 player games with NO lag
-Game item downloads
-Voice chat
-FULL size retail games available on PSN


-Home Game Integration (Like Gran Turismo 5 provides)
-TV shows
-User generated content (LittleBigPlanet)
-Probably gonna work on unified friends list


Since Xbox Live uses peer to peer networking, you get lag in games. And none of the big name titles on 360 are doing 32 player online (Yet another similarity of Halo 3 to its predecesor).

PSN, while free, has a SOLID online game experience. Little to no lag, up to 32 players, updates....

I'd like to see why people think paying $50 for Xbox Live is good value for money in the coming months. Considering it will offer less than PSN.

Xbox gamers should thank sony, maybe one day MS will make Xbox Live free (and none of that silver membership crap). Because they'll start realising you'll get absolutley no value for money compared to psn. But MS will just take your money while they still can. That's the microsoft way

tplarkin73930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

Sony is catching up, but XBL is a unified infrastructure with full hardware and software support by Microsoft. All of the features you mentioned are default for all 360 games. A key part of XBL is total developer support. This is why many multi-platform games are online for 360. Virtua Fighter 5 and Virtua Tennis 3 are 2 examples.

Close_Second3929d ago that its hard enough finding a game with just 8 players where one is not a complete ass and ruining it for the other 7. I think huge multiplayer battles is great, but there are so many wankers out there that just love to piss everyone off. For instance:

- Home boys that love to play there rap music through their headset so everyone else can hear it.

- Tossers who think its fun to start killing everyone on their own team.

- Angry players who yell abuse and obscenity for the most lame of reasons.

- Guys who only play because there is a woman also playing. Those guys are real losers as you can hear them trying to chat her up even though she may life in a different country.

Anyway, at least you can block the wankers!

bluebrad19743930d ago

Who really cares, the ps3 is a flop. The best online service will continue to be Live.

Microsoft Knight3930d ago

the pos3 is a flop it was delayed and has no exclusives and is to expensive also the psn is sh**
things for free are always crap the most expensive thins are the best things around.

jlytle12343930d ago

well the ps3 is more expensive than a 360. so what does that mean?

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