GI cover reveals EA's new survival horror Dead Space

GameInformer website has revealed the magazine's October cover, slipping out an artwork and title of EA's upcoming survival-horror action, Dead Space. While the game shouldn't be missed out on by fans of Event Horizon movie, it ultimately deals with humanity discovering a forgotten alien existence in the far reaches of the galaxy.

Check the cover picture to get a glimpse of the game.

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thereapersson3902d ago

That looks like a cross between Bioshock and Resident Evil! I will be keeping my eye closely glued to this game in the next coming months and hope to recieve my issue on time so I can read about this game.

Here's hoping EA doesn't f*ck up this game like they seem to manage to do with their sports titles.

Excalibur3902d ago

It does sound interesting.

Chriswsm3901d ago

I hope it is more adventure related than FPS related. PS3 seems swamped with FPS and every single one of them is inferior to PC FPS games purely due to the control mechinisms. Console Joypad vs PC KB and Mouse.

Sevir043901d ago

EA must have seen that we are seriously getting tired of the Graphical rehashes of the craptacular Madden and Need for speed and Medal of Honor games. thats the second new ip i've seen from them this year. Army of 2 was the first now they are doing Dead Space. if this has anything successful in mixture of RE and Bioshock then if they do it right we will certainly be in for a treat. and this will be my first purchased EA game ever.