Crisis Core PSP Sells Out in Japan

The new PSP is off to a good start in JAPAN

Here is what IGN is reporting:-

At the very least, Crisis Core's release and the apparent sellout of the bundle version should push the PSP's weekly sales total above the 77,777 mark. The real question by which the PSP's fortunes will be judged is how many current PSP owners will pick up the game by itself, and how many will line up next week for the standard PSP-2000 model.

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nasim3903d ago

Next week should see it above DS

i predict 200k PSPs next week in JAPAN

and over 150k PSPS in NA

BTW i predict the x360 to completely drop off from the sales charts next week in JAPAN .

it sold just 1,200 units last week what a shame?

zantetsuken3903d ago

Maybe they should remake VII for PS3 and sell a special PS3 FF bundle? I'd bet it'd sellout.

akaFullMetal3903d ago

yea, if they redid ff7, and did it great, it would sell like mad, better than hotcakes

Frances-the-Mute3903d ago

imagine a FFVII SKU PS3s with exclusive colors, that'll be a goldmine

Sssamba3903d ago

If they made that kind of package bundle, PS3 console sales would surpass Wii and beyond. It would be the end to the console war as we know it.

[email protected]3903d ago


Bnet3433903d ago

now release it in US already! :P

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The story is too old to be commented.