90° and their Sonic 2 "Xbox Live CO-OP" Mistake

The Xbox Domain has received feedback from people who are feeling pretty ripped off right now. According to the page of the XBLA version of "Sonic 2" being displayed is the fact that the game includes "Xbox Live CO-OP" when it actually doesn't.

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InMyOpinion3930d ago

I'm never gonna buy the game now! lol!

marionz3929d ago

eh i dont care, i still love the game and cant wait to get some points! man i need sonic 2 streets of rage 2 and super puzzle fighter

DemiseofPandas3929d ago

These games are seriously on so many collections that easily go for under $20, they are a ripoff to begin with.

heavyarms3929d ago

I already bought the game and so what about no co play online. This game is awesome.

Auron3929d ago

it was false advertisement! oh well still love the game.