Japanese Numbers - All consoles show drops. PS3 outsells 360 10:1

"As is the new norm, Nintendo reigns supreme in Japan, but the stark contrast between Xbox 360 sales in the U.S. and Japan is harshly illustrated when one compares Media Create sales to NPD."

You decide on what you consider to be good sales

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Bnet3433748d ago

Yes PS3 outsells Xbox 360 in Japan, but when you look at it this way:

PS3 USA: 130,600
PS3 Japan: 69,429
PS3 Total: 200,029

360 USA: 276,700
360 Japan: 7,410
360 Total: 284,110

See what just happened? Yeah ....

actionjackson3747d ago

I agree with the numbers you have, and it shows the current strength of the X360. However, a few things need to be taken into consideration. How long can the US support the X360 numbers? In Japan and the rest of the world, Sony is still selling the PS2, which is still selling about 200K units a month. If you factor this in, then the numbers skew towards Sony. The difference between the X360 and PS3 is that the X360 is selling huge in the US but not elsewhere. The PS3 is selling relatively the same in the US, Europe and Japan. Once Sony pulls the plug on the PS2, which will lead to a significant price drop for the PS3, then the PS3 will sell like crazy in all three markets. I like the X360, but MS really has no real loyalties outside the US. Sony has a lot of brand loyalty outside the US, but the price is too high. Lowering the price is looking easier than trying to introduce a new brand into a culture that has been living on the Playstation. Also, as I've posted before, if japanese gamers want a hardcore system, they buy a PS3. If they want a recreational console, they buy the Wii. Where is the room for the X360 in Japan? This is the question MS will look to answer during the life of the X360. But for now, the X360's US loyolty is carrying the sales.

WilliamRLBaker3747d ago

and we've totally forgotten about sales outside of japana and USA.

Which include europe, and the oceanic, and asian markets.

*japan is its own region and not included in the asian numbers*

bung tickler3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

so without factoring in the rest of the world (where the 360 still leads), that puts the 360 about 85K ahead of the ps3 for the month. yep that ps3 sure is catching up quick...

actionjackson3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

Please read my post above. If you want to compare other factors, add the PS2 to your counts and that's when Sony actually looks better. The problem, as I've stated above is that the U.S. is carrying the X360 heavily right now. MS can hope this will last, but it will be really hard to sell at the same rate for years to come. The PS3 doesn't sell too well right now becuase the PS2 is still out and is dirt cheap. Once the PS2 is dropped, which will lead to dramatically lower prices for the PS3, it will be like the PS3 just got released all over again and will sell a lot of consoles in the US, Europe and Japan. The PS3's problem is the price (across the board). X360's problem is to introduce a console in Japan which competes directly with the Playstation brand, the brand that is somewhat religious there. IT's intersting from a business standpoint to see what will unfold with the PS2 is out of the mix. Remember, the PS2 didn't sell very well for a long time while the PSOne was still out. Then it took off. Just a thought.

jackie chann3748d ago

This is getting so old.....

Everyone knows the 360 sells well in america and badly in japan and everyone knows Sony does well in both.

P1MPDADDY3748d ago

But what people fail to realize is that even thought the PS3 kills 360 in Japan. The 360 makes up for it by marginally outselling in in places like Europe and Australia, and regulary beating it in US sales by a significant margin.

So I am sure certain people ahem *cough* *cough* PS3 loyalists will jump for joy when they see the PS3 is outselling the 360 in Japan without properly adding up the total Worldwide sales each month. This would explain why the PS3 hasnt and wont anytime soon close the sales gap between them and the 360.

Gotta love that fuzzy math logic some people have.


regional sale is important in a sense that local publisher will want to publish game that will sell in their region. That's the case with PS3 vs 360 right now. So at least for now we know that japanese publisher will certainly support PS3 as well as 360.

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