Game Informer interviews David Doak

Game Informer asks David Doak whether Haze's developer (Free Radical) want to "totally get out of the way of Halo 3" and the PS3 is "super pain to develop for." Doak explains why Haze is "PS3 only" and discusses Haze's release date, frame rate, and game engine. He also talks about other projects including TimeSplitters 4, new IPs, multiplayer, and plans for the Wii.

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Sevir043933d ago

not bad, interview. i wonder what they are goon a do for TS4. it's already in dev which means some time next year we'll see it. it should be interesting to see it. i wonder what platform it's gonna be on

sticky doja3932d ago

Thats why the interviewer laughed after he said that.

SmarterThanYou3932d ago

WTF does his laughing got to do with anything? it's PS3 exclusive.


The guy on Gameinformer is nuts?

The Free Radical's Doak just say that the game isn't PS3 First, is PS3 Only. And, before the intrview, the Gameinformer guy just say the game is going to PC and X360 despite rumors...

P1MPDADDY3933d ago

He didnt once criticize the 360 like other PS3 exclusive developers might. Makes sense that the 360 does have alot of competition in the FPS genre. I have to disagree though about them making the game exclusive. I would think with the 360's larger install base and 360 owners tendency to buy more games (higher attach rate), especially hardcore games, that the best way for Haze to get a return on thier investment would be to go multiplatform.

What I really wish is that one of these days a 3rd party developer comes out and says the truth whether it was for a 360 or PS3 exclusive game and says "Honestly we made it exclusive because we got paid to make it exclusive" Everyone is always worrying about being politically correct.

Frances-the-Mute3933d ago

excellent interview, cant wait till Timesplitters 4

BulletToothtony3933d ago

you're always on so late.. how come i don't see you commenting during the day??

and i noticed you're a ps3 fan.. good stuff missy

Frances-the-Mute3933d ago

im on right before i head to parties, i sleep during the day cuz of the hangovers lol

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The story is too old to be commented.